Gods & Radicals

alley fist

We Pagans are trying to re-enchant the world,
to bring back the magic of the forests and the mountains.
We are trying to hear and revere the wild places
the sacred forgotten places, the spirits of ocean and rivers and lakes.
And yet Capitalism is always poisoning these places
because it considers nothing sacred except profit,
nothing holy except wealth.
To Re-enchant the world.
we must destroy Capitalism

Welcome to Gods & Radicals!

(A Site of Beautiful Resistance)


The name ‘Gods and Radicals’ is taken from a presentation given by Alley Valkyrie and Rhyd Wildermuth at Pantheacon on Valentine’s day, 2015.  The presentation was packed; a room safely handling 25 people filled with 75, with many more physically unable to enter.

The point of that presentation? To help re-awaken what many see as an integral aspect of Modern Paganism–its opposition to Capitalist exploitation of the earth and all its inhabitants.  For years, it’s seemed Pagans have stopped talking about the destruction of the earth and its causes–perhaps out of despair, for the situation’s quite dire.  Maybe we’d forgotten the roots of resistance of the 1800’s, when occultists dined with anarchists and druids helped organize unions.

Or maybe, even, we’d been bought off, trading our radicalism for security, sacrificing our spirits at the altars of Commerce.

Either way–something’s changed, and this site is part of it.

And one doesn’t have to look very hard to discover why a Pagan should care about Capitalism; the answers’ all around us.


What sort of Pagans are you?

All sorts, actually!

Some of us are folks who revere and speak to gods; some aren’t. Some are witches, some are mages and occultists.  Many are druids, poets, priests and maybe all of us are rogues.

By ‘Pagan,’ we mean all these religious stances who find commonality with each other, even when we disagree vehemently on questions about the nature of gods or even the nature of Nature.

A Shaman and a Polytheist, an Animist and an Atheist, a Pantheist and a Heathen all lose something when a forest dies or the oceans rise; this is our commonality, and why we like each other despite all the differences.

There are also non-Pagan ways of seeing the world which share this same solidarity.  We won’t try to speak for them, but we embrace our shared struggles, our kin upon our dying earth.

What’s wrong with Capitalism?


And this site is a place to talk about it, and also a place to teach each other how to dismantle it, and particularly a place to work out what we want the world to look like instead.

We reject the notion that ‘one solution’ must be found to fight Capitalism and ‘one alternative’ must be implemented afterwards.  There’s nearly 8 billion people on the earth, and besides, Capitalism is monolithic.  To fight it, our resistance must be myriad, outgrowing it like a forest overgrows ruins.

If you’re new to this, we highly suggest reading A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer, free to download or print-yourself.

Can I write for you folks?

Absolutely! We’ve already got over 30 exciting writers working on this project, and there’s always room for more!

Information on how to do so is here.

What now?

On 20th March, 2015, we’ll begin posting occasional essays from some of our writers, and on 1 May, 2015, the full site will launch.  Later in the year, we’ll also publish a print-journal of some of the best writing from the site.

In the meantime, subscribe to this site, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and tell your friends!

Be well, and Resist Beautifully!

12 thoughts on “Gods & Radicals

  1. I just found this site and am immensely intrigued and pleased by its existence.

    Am I a Pagan? Possibly. I have self-constructed a personal belief system founded on such as Wicca, Zen, Tao, Hawaiian Ho`omana (aka; ‘Huna’), Hermetics, Shamanism and other metaphysical esoterica, and though I am not a dedicated practitioner of any of these they collectively drive my world view.

    Am I a Capitalist? I have been in the past – I owned and operated my own land use consulting firm as a sole practitioner for a number of years – but I am now retired and have been living on my SS stipend for the last 15 years.

    Do I believe that Capitalism should/must be done away with? Absolutely – at least in the form that has now overwhelmed all else. Small ‘c’ capitalism may be o.k., but only if it is well-leashed and put back in its cage every night.

    I look forward to further reading of entries to this site.

    Keep out a watch for the ‘Blue Meanies’ for they certainly won’t care to let this site survive.


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