Raise to Rise; the Niðstang’s cries
shed the Mountains’ fears
Raise to Rise; the Draíochta render betwixt the loam and skies
Enriched by blood, the sacrifice o’ thousand years

Stain withal malignance, vitriol and bile
Imprecations to enact ev’thing most vile

Affix thine Eyes o’Niðstang, upon the foe a yonder
By our Blood, our Breath and Bone! Unleash thy great thunder!
Draíochta bounden unto Niðstang
Niðstang bounden unto Draíochta

Raise to Rise the Niðstang, skein of Bane and Dooming
Rise to Raise the Draíochta, tempest of Wrath and Fuming

Dagda sing with Óðinn – Kin! Weave this mighty thing!
Þór hew with Goibnur – Kin! Craft this fearsome thing!
Airgetlam take up the Sword and Týr take up the Shield;
Valkyrie stand with Morrigan, at once! Most dire, your Warband.

Rise! Niðstang; Raise! Draíochta.
Raise so we all shall Rise.

Rise to Raise; the Geis eyes
Exhume the Forests’ roars.
Rise to Raise, the Galdrar sound betwixt the loam and skies.
Suffused by breath, this ‘herited immanent cause.

Afflict withal asperity, momentousness and retribution
Imperatives to beget all most potent abjuration.

Direct thine Voice o’Geis, upon arbiters who nigh anticipate
By our Breath, our Bone and Blood, vivify thy ‘venging sovereignty venerate!
Galdrar bounden unto Geis
Geis bounden unto Galdrar

Ogma charm with Bragi – Kin! Enchant this potent thing!
Skaði frenzy with Nemain – Kin! Whet this sanguine thing!
Heimdall hold the line and Sámhildánach drive the way,
Fianna charge with Freyja, tarry not ‘midst tumultuous raid!

Raise! Geis, Rise! Galdrar
Rise so we all shall Raise!

Flushed with blood, the Niðstang raised;
Roused with breath the Geis risen;
Only one of three remain.

From ‘Vate and the Völva;
By seiðr sung and druid drawn;
To every world, through every bridge, in every fashion known:

This: Our Oath,
Burned into Our Bone.

~ Alan Evans, 23rd – 28th February 2015

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