There Was a World Before Capitalism, There Will Be A World After

Starhawk (1951-present); witch, ecofeminist, activist.  Perhaps the only living self-proclaimed Pagan to be recognized as influential to Anti-Capitalists, Marxists, and Feminists alike.
Starhawk (1951-present); witch, ecofeminist, activist. Perhaps the only living  Pagan to be recognized as influential to Anti-Capitalists, Marxists, and Feminists regardless of religious persuasion.

Welcome to the second month of Gods&Radicals!

On Monday, we’ll feature Christopher Scott Thompson‘s essay regarding Honor.

Wednesday, look for John Monroe‘s first essay for Gods&Radicals: “Remarks on Capital, Feminism, and Deicide”

And Friday, Dizzy Witch’s essay on Guerrilla Witchcraft.

Things to read elsewhere

Peter Grey wrote a fantastic essay called The Total Collapse of Our Living Systems a few weeks ago.

Also on that same site, we recommend John Beckett‘s “Building the World To Come”  Also, John Halstead weighs the primacy of the material or the spiritual in “Putting Marx in His Place.”

Gods&Radicals writer Crystal Blanton writes about the Personal Toll of Activism at The Wild Hunt.

Also, political theorist and Pagan Gus DiZerega has published several particularly useful essays regarding Capitalism.  They’re long but quite worth the time. Start here.

As far as news…unfortunately, Capitalism’s still around.  And more fracking sites have exploded.

Site News

In lieu of a glossary entry this week, here’s some updates about the site.

As we mentioned, Gods&Radicals has been around for a month, and we’ve already noticed a significant impact in the conversations regarding Paganism and Capitalism elsewhere, and not just in the American Pagan internet discourse.  A significant portion of our readership is global, a humbling fact; we’re proud to be broadening the discourse not just on Pagan Anti-Capitalism, but on Paganism itself.

Likewise, we’ve had many more writer queries since we launched the site, and we’re significantly behind in responding to all of you.  Please be patient with us–if you haven’t heard back from us by Beltaine, please feel free to follow-up.  And though we’re having trouble responding as quickly as we’d like, it again humbles us to realize so many fantastic writers have been looking for a forum to write about resisting Capitalism.

Soon, we’ll be a non-profit organization.  This will help us handle donations and support the print-journal, still slated to be released Lughnasadh, 2015.  More information on this (as well as ways to support us if you can) will be announced soon.

And on May 1st, we’ll being posting daily articles, a torrent of fantastic, international Pagan and Anti-Capitalist thought.

Thanks for all your support thus far.  Be well, and resist beautifully!

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