Liberation Magic


May 2015

This monthly column will appear on the Friday prior to the Dark Moon. It will be more than just a column however. My hope is that this will develop into a group of practitioners joining energy and intention to combat the effects of capitalism and help bring about a better world. In order to build this community, I encourage discussion regarding your experience of the Work in the comments. I also want to honor the diversity of practice within our communities and invite suggestions for future workings.

Each column will have two types of workings – one baneful working and one healing working. This will make some people uncomfortable, but it is an intentional decision. This is not the place to argue for the use of baneful work, and much has been written about the radical nature of witchcraft and the place of cursework within it, so I will refer you to Jason Thomas Pitzl’s Witchcraft Manifesto, Sarah Anne Lawless’ Curse Collection, and Byron Ballard’s interview on Willful Bane: The Joy of Hex.

If you are opposed to cursework or do not feel you have the appropriate experience to accomplish that work, then you have the option of only doing the healing working. If you are doing the baneful working I encourage you to also do the healing working. The Work presented here will be of a basic-intermediate nature so as to remain accessible to the most people. You are welcome to adjust the working to suit your personal practice and style of magic.

The meeting of Light and Dark (Abandoned Rail Tunnel, Donner Pass, CA) Photo by Syren
The meeting of Light and Dark (Abandoned Rail Tunnel, Donner Pass, CA) Photo by Syren

Moon in Taurus

The moon moves into Gemini early in the morning on the 18th and Mercury stations retrograde later that evening, so I would recommend starting this work sometime over the weekend. This month will be a foundational practice and so will not include any cursework; we’ll just be developing the foundation for moving forward. The Moon in Taurus is a good time to start these workings to help us build a solid foundation and stick-to-it-ness and to always bring us back to the Earth. So we will begin with a simple working to connect us to spirits of the land where we live and build an allyship. You may very well already have a practice similar to this – adjust accordingly.

Find the closest “nature” to you. This may be a tree planted in a city sidewalk, a body of water, or a deep forest. You could also do some research and find where a river or forest or other sacred place used to be. The only important thing is that this is a place that you have regular access to; you will be spending a fair amount of time here so the easier the access the more likely you will be to continue the practice. Go to the place you have chosen, bringing with you an offering of water and any other natural offering that you feel is appropriate, and pen and paper. As with any new relationship, you should start by introducing yourself and saying why you are there. Say something like this: “I’m [name] and I’m here to get to know the spirits of this place so that I may better fight for/serve/honor/understand you as I work to bring an end to Capitalism and it’s effects. I bring you an offering of [x] and am open to experiencing what you have to share with me, if you are willing.” (You can place any caveats you feel are necessary – it is important to be very clear about what you are open to and not open to in both directions, just like any relationship consent is key so address this on an ongoing basis).

Give your offering and then begin to open yourself to the place. Ask the spirits of this place if it is ok for you to be there and if they want to work with you. Take a few deep breaths, breathing into your third eye/mind, your heart, and your sex, then sending your energy into the earth. Continue breathing into your energy body that surrounds you, expanding it outwards until it surrounds this place. Now listen. Pay attention to everything around you, noticing the specifics of this place. Take down notes of what you hear and see and any messages that are given to you.

When you are ready, give your thanks and make a commitment to return to this place often. You are developing a relationship with the spirits of this place to better understand the effects of capitalism on Them and Their place and build an ally relationship; doing that requires frequent interaction but only commit to what you know you will do, to build trust.

Continue returning to this place throughout the Work that you do. As the relationship develops, listen to what these spirits have to say, but also keep in mind that spirits have their own way of communicating and verifying what they tell you can also be important. It is perfectly ok to question the spirits you are working with and even to develop a “secret password” to identify your allies – you don’t automatically believe everything your friends say or trust that an odd text message comes from them without verification. Keep notes and refer to them often.

So that’s it for this month. Have fun and do let us know how things go in the comments! If something comes up that you need help with you are welcome to reach out to me as well.

Next month we’ll work on developing a symbol for and identify the egregore of Capitalism, so that we have something more concrete to direct our magic towards.

In the meantime, resist beautifully.

17 thoughts on “Liberation Magic

  1. Ever since I moved into my Tiny Urban Farm 17ish years ago, I have been doing this.
    On the one hand, excellent advice and template for action!
    On the other hand, don’t be discouraged by slow responset– my relationship with here has changed/advanced significantly in the last two years, and the Land Spirit barely responded until ‘organic’ status (6 yrs) was reached.

    On the gripping hand— YAY, the more who speak, the more we will be listened to.

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  2. I’m against what you term “baneful” in principle, but here it seems rash, as those who enslave us have more magical muscle and the return could be severe. For me this is a threat to the possibility of enlightenment itself and must be fought with light. Where lies the difference between firing off hexes or bullets?


    1. Thank you for your comment Damocles. I can assure you it is not a rash decision. The use of baneful magic has been washed out of much of witchcraft to make our magic more respectable, but I believe that this has just been another way for those who enslave us to take our power.
      As I stated in the article (and it will be repeated in each column) each person who participates has the option to do the bane work or to only do the wort (healing) work. If you disagree with doing baneful work in principle then no one is going to try to convince you otherwise. I only ask respect for the diversity of practices within our communities, which includes hexing and cursing for some practitioners.

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  3. I’d agree this foundation in relationship and communication with a place and its spirits is really important, and that any magic- cursing or healing (I really wouldn’t do the former unless there were seriously bad circumstances, have never and hope I will never have to, gods forbid) needs to be worked with their guidance and with listening and respect.

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  4. Did this last night in the backyard under a beautiful cherry tree. Glad that there is something small that I can do – I’m not able to go out to protests or rallies, or organise things, but I want to contribute.


      1. Syren, today when I was out under the cherry tree cutting back mint, I cut my finger on the shears and it bled all over. Not a bad cut, a bandaid fixed it, but there was a spurt of blood at first. Do you think it had something to do with this, or just a coincidence? I do tend to be clumsy – poor motor skills.


      2. Hi Rose. I think the more important question is whether you felt it was important and related. Do you feel like the spirits of the place wanted the blood? Blood is a powerful offering and can help connect you with a place.

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  5. Syren, this is a load of crap. Most land spirits are going to be like “Capitalism? Wtf is that? Oh you have food? Cool” or “This sh** hurts!”. Don’t get me wrong, I fully encourage people to work with land spirits. Talking about capitalism is not the way to do it. “capitalism? Like, buying and selling stuff? Claiming ownership?” People have been doing that for a long, long time. I live in the PNW, where native people’s traded, fought, gambled. Some tribes had slaves. Do you think the diverse set of factors and peoples that gave rise to our global capitalist economy will just go away? Like making a little symbol and saying some f**k you rhymes to it while it burns in your cauldron is gonna do shit?

    How about fighting it by feeding the land, without trying to talk economics, or asking for anything in return. Find about some vital lical issues, and petition your Gods and spirits to help in the situation. How about by planting a garden, or learning skills that will help us live healthy in community together when all this comes crashing down. Or if you want to get all badass about it, curse specific politicians and corporate execs, not some “Egregor of capitalism” which is only a made up personification of an abstract concept of an economic system practiced in different modes within diverse political expressions. Seriously. It’s like throwing magic into an undifferentiated mass of the collective consciousness. Please find something useful to put your efforts towards, or at least take the time to educate yourself more thoroughly before you mash together some more varied magical systems into your political beliefs.


    1. Wesley, I suggest that
      A) you educate yourself a bit more about capitalism. There are many resources on this site to do so. While you’re at it, read more about what this site is about.
      B) stop making assumptions about the work this column will be doing.

      The number one rule for this column is the respect for the diversity of practices within our communities. If you don’t agree with the work being done here, don’t do it. If you would like to submit a working for a future column you are welcome to do so. If you would like to have a constructive discussion about ways to do the work, I also invite that. What I will not tolerate are aggressive, confrontational, and insulting comments.

      Your experience may have led you to believe land spirits don’t care about capitalism, but my experiences and many other people I know have been otherwise. Please respect that your experience is not the be all end all of experiences.

      As for some of the suggestions you (insultingly) made here, they are good ones and actually are things we will be doing through this column and are actively encouraged elsewhere on the site.

      Again, I encourage discussion that is respectful. If you can not be respectful, your comments are not welcome.

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  6. I kinda love this idea and really want to participate. My only trouble is finding a place in nature that I can get to on a regular basis where there’s no chance anyone will see me. I rent in the suburbs, so the land I live on is not private for me and I really can’t risk my landlords seeing me commune with the yard.

    I guess I’m going to have to go exploring to find the nooks and crannies suitable for pagan practice in my area. It’s about time I get around to doing that. =]


    1. I can understand that Morag! If the most accessible nature to you is a houseplant, that works too! 🙂 Enjoy exploring; I’m sure you will find a place that is calling for you.

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