All That Is Holy Is Profaned


Subcomandate Marcos, ideological ‘leader’ of the Zapatista anti-Capitalist indigenous rights movement. Both a person and a constructed identity, a ‘leader’ and a non-entity and the embodiment of the dead,  Subcomandante Marcos became the symbol and spokesman of the non-hierarchical resistance movement until his ‘retirement’ and dissolution back into the collective.


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This weekend saw (and is currently seeing) large kayak protests in Seattle against an oil rig destined to the arctic, led by First Nations tribes and activist groups including Idle No More.

Here’s an excellent essay explaining the protest actions in the UK, applicable pretty much everywhere else, too.

The Wild Hunt has a story on a Pagan lawyer fighting the Keystone XL pipeline.

Also, want to read all the great writing over at Patheos Pagan but not support Capitalist enterprises?  John Halstead’s got a great suggestion for you.

And have suggestions for weekly links?  Send ’em our way!



From French, literally ‘those in the city’.

Essentially,  the ‘Capitalist class,’ those who own the means of production (that is, factories, shops, businesses) and have the majority of wealth in society.  Thus, not ‘the middle class’ (which is a recent creation with no real definition), but actually those who employ everyone else.

The Bourgeoisie, as the economic ruling-class, define the cultural and societal values of society, quickly embraced by the so-called middle class despite their irrelevance.  Case in point? Tattoos, facial hair, and body piercings are all considered taboo by the Capitalist class; ‘middle-class’ people then re-inforce those taboos because they rely on the bourgeoisie for their survival.  Thus, to be ‘bourgeois’ is to emulate and enforce the goals, culture, and values of the Capitalist class, whether or not one is Capitalist.

Bourgeois values include Protestant conceptions of secularism, as this helps maintain the best conditions for their exploitation of workers.  Religious practice and belief (for instance–observance of holy days or sabbaths, taboos against usury, beliefs about sacred trees and springs) often interfere with Capitalist commodification as well as the ‘productivity’ of the working-class.  This also leads to the commercialization and ‘secularization’ of observances which persist, such as Christmas and Halloween.

Marriage, property ownership, and punctuality are also integral bourgeois values, as each enforce an easily managed workforce.


Modern bourgeois society, with its relations of production, of exchange and of property, a society that has conjured up such gigantic means of production and of exchange, is like the sorcerer who is no longer able to control the powers of the nether world whom he has called up by his spells.

–The Communist Manifesto

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