Liberation Magic

June 2015

This monthly column will appear on the Friday prior to the Dark Moon. My hope is that this will develop into a group of practitioners joining energy and intention to combat the effects of capitalism and help bring about a better world. In order to build this community, I encourage discussion regarding your experience of the Work in the comments. I also want to honor the diversity of practice within our communities and invite suggestions for future workings.

The Work presented here will be of a basic-intermediate nature so as to remain accessible to the most people. You are welcome to adjust the working to suit your personal practice and style of magic.

This is the second column, and if you would like to catch up on the initial foundational work it can be found here. As discussed in the first column, in the future this work will include both cursework and healing work, both of which are optional. You can find the explanation of and resources justifying this decision at the link above.

The meeting of Light and Dark (Abandoned Rail Tunnel, Donner Pass, CA) Photo by Syren
The meeting of Light and Dark (Abandoned Rail Tunnel, Donner Pass, CA) Photo by Syren

Moon in Gemini

This month the Moon doesn’t move into Gemini until midday Sunday (Pacific time) then goes void of course at the time of the Dark Moon. We’re doing some additional foundational work this month that will be worthwhile to continue, so anytime you can start will be fine. The working this month will be to identify and create a symbol for Capitalism and to develop a visualization for what the world could be like post-Capitalism.

Developing a Symbol

I’m going to assume you already know the power of symbols and the magical use of them. If you do not or are wondering what the purpose of creating a symbol for capitalism is, there are many resources out there. This will be basic exercise to identify and create a symbol, with some additional options. As always, adjust for your personal practice.

Prepare your space with whatever tools you will be working with to create this symbol – perhaps pen and paper, markers, clay, whatever material feels right for you. Begin with whatever your practice is to prepare for visualization and magical work. As you breathe, see the word CAPITALISM in front of you. What does this word conjure up for you? What emotions? Do you feel anything in your body? Breathe into these reactions. Now what images or symbols come up in association with the word CAPITALISM? Let the symbols come to you. Once you feel like you are fully present with your reactions to, experiences of, and symbolism for capitalism, take up your materials. You are going to create a symbol that represents the thing that is capitalism.

If you are a wordsmith, then perhaps a wordcloud of words that you associate with capitalism. If you are an artist, then perhaps a drawing that combines that symbols that come to you. If you prefer working with your hands, then use clay to sculpt a representation. Let your intuition guide you. Continue breathing and allow the reactions and symbols to arise from you.

Another option, particularly if you don’t connect with the visualization and creative type exercises, is to create a Shadow Pentacle that represents the negative/harmful aspects of capitalism.

Draw a pentacle on a full sheet of paper. Label the points per your tradition. Think about Capitalism and it’s harmful effects as they relate to your associations with each point/element. For example: in Earth could be the pooling of resources for the few or the degradation of the earth; in Air the control of innovative thought or air pollution; in Fire the suppression of the will and passion of the people or the abuse of combustion engine; in Water the dismissal of the intuitive or the waste of water for industry; in Spirit the loss of divine consciousness or the forgetting of the Gods… you get the idea. Write as many associations as you can think of.

Once you’ve completed your symbol, place it on an altar or whatever type of magical working space you use. Sit with it often, reflecting on the symbolism and your reactions.

We’ll use this symbol in future workings.

Visualization of the Future

So this is actually something I’ve adapted from various strategic planning and goal setting activities. It helps the work to keep an idea of what exactly the world you are fighting for will look like when we win. This may be an ideal, or a “fantasy”, but if we can’t dream it, it will never come to be.

Prepare for visualization work as you normally do. The year is 2040 (25 years from now) and the fight against capitalism has been won. You wake up to your day and step outside – what do you see? What does the world outside your door look like? Who is around? What sensations do you feel?

Access whatever your primary source of news and information is (the newspaper, the internet, the television, your neighbors). What is being discussed? What is the news of the day? What good things are happening in the world? What has happened now that capitalism has fallen?

Go about your day as you normally would. What has changed? What do you do? How do you relate to the people around you and the where you are?

Continue with this visualization as long and as far as feels appropriate for you. Develop this place where capitalism has fallen, society is healthy with all of our needs met, and the earth and Spirits are thriving.

Jot down some notes of this ideal world. Return to it often.

Another option, again especially for those who are not as fond of visualization work, is to create an Empowered Pentacle with all of the associations you would make with your ideal world. Go through the same exercise as you did with the Shadow Pentacle.

Keep your notes and/or your Empowered Pentacle on your altar or magical workspace.

There is no right or wrong to any of this work, and we would love to hear what you come up with in any of the practices, so please do share in the comments!

Next month Alan Evans, another writer on Gods&Radicals, will be offering a practice he calls Le Domaine Sanitaire as a way to ‘prepare the magical field’. I’m excited for his contribution. It is also one of the reasons I decided to put off the work of identifying the egregore of Capitalism – but if that is work you are interested or already engaged in, you are welcome to share here about it if you choose.

Until next time – keep on resisting beautifully!

2 thoughts on “Liberation Magic

  1. I visualized Capitalism as Mr. Moneybags from Monopoly, getting bound in chains and locked away.

    Then I pictured a Futuristic Utopia, where people and the world are healthy and happy.


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