Put Your Marxism Where Your Mouth Is

The Gay Liberation Front, one of many anti-Capitalist gay-rights groups which sprung from the Stonewall Riots. Demanding not just rights for gays and lesbians, but also linking their struggle to that of the Black Panthers and indigenous resistance movements. Eventually displaced by the assimilationist politics of pro-Capitalist gay-rights activists (like the HRC) who sought to co-opt resistance struggles, rather than join them. Lavender Menace was founded by several of the initial Gay Liberation Front members.


We were directed to this fantastic essay by T. Thorn Coyle regarding choosing our own ways to love.

The Wild Hunt last week published a guest essay by Heathen Chinese on the history of gods and the California drought.

Also there, a beautiful essay by Alley Valkyrie on Bridges.

And this essay:  “…like the government, it demands the final say in what you are called.”



Becoming the same, losing difference.

As a political strategy, assimilation argues for the minimizing of culturally different traits in order to gain ‘rights.’  Similar to ‘Respectability Politics,’ assimilationists assert that if an oppressed group can prove it’s just like everyone else, it can be deserving of rights.  Gay rights groups like the HRC fought for gay marriage by minimizing, erasing, and actively attacking queer expressions of love; Pagan groups have attempted to minimize (and outright lie about) the dangerous and radical aspects of Witchcraft in order to get recognition.

As a cultural process, assimilation describes what happens to culturally-unique people who experience pressure to erase their differences from–or have their differences erased by– a more powerful society.  This pressure is often exerted through Capitalist mechanisms, particularly the market.  Thus, dream-catchers for sale at corporate chains, ad agencies using images of Che Guevera to sell products, and the transition of R&B and rap from its roots in protest to a mainstream music form.

The most violent danger of assimilation is perhaps that people lose their ability to define themselves and create their own cultural, religious, and economic forms, and thus must rely on the Capitalist market for the creation of meaning.


The eye in the triangle of the security state is becoming self-aware. It has plotted your data points. It can predict your actions. It owns you and it molds you. We rebels have reason to be concerned. We are not considered the conscience of society nor transformative pioneers, we are the enemy of the corporate state which dismantles non-human and human communities alike. The state and the corporation are one and the same, the one percent. We are raw materials, production units, disposable assets or less politely, slaves.

–Peter Grey, “Beneath the Rose”

6 thoughts on “Put Your Marxism Where Your Mouth Is

  1. Thanks for sharing these links. I admire Ally’s beautiful, painful writing. Heathen Chinese is also very important in providing a Chinese polytheist perspective- I think there were pertinent links between China and California and good points about folks of the Abrahamic faiths being reticent to destroy mosques and temples but willing to destroy natural / native sacred sites.

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  2. In response to Ms. Coyle’s essay, to which you directed us, I continue to say:

    Is love so abundant that we must make laws against it?

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      1. and isn’t that a sad commentary on them? What fear they have of others, especially those advocating for shared/common good!


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