Curse Tablet

Curse Tablet

A public domain image of an ancient Romano-British curse tablet, made of a thin sheet of lead.

Bran I write these words on sheets of lead

And leave them in a dead man’s hands

To bring them to the silent lands

Of root and water, and of rot.

I whisper them into the ear

Of one who can no longer hear.

I show them to the gaping eyes

Of one who lies beneath the leaves.

Oh gods of dread who punish thieves,

Leave off all lesser punishments and hear!

The thieves who rule the world have gorged

On others’ bread and meat. They’ve forged

New manacles to bind the wrists

Of any who resist. They kill

Whoever will not do their will.

Oh gods who dwell beneath the earth,

Arise tonight and hunt for prey

More worthy of your power. Slay

The kings of thieves, the lords of men,

And not the poor who steal their bread.

I write this curse on sheets of lead

And leave them in a dead man’s hands.

I whisper them into the ear

Of those who sleep, but always hear.

I show them to the empty eyes

Of those who lie beneath the leaves,

Oh gods of dread who punish thieves!

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14 thoughts on “Curse Tablet

  1. This is where efforts in the ‘magical attacks’ on capitalism should be aiming; working with the andedion, the God of the Wild hunt and going after specifics rather than vague egregores.


      1. The Wild Hunt is the much later expression of the myth and ritual that encapsulate all that outside of the civilised; the dead, the wilderness and all those things we have set side to live as we do. Getting Gwyn and the andedion on side and re-establishing that link and balance between the wild-civil,town-wild and the living-the dead is to me the best magico-religous process to get thing shifting.

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    1. I personally do not work with the God of the Wild Hunt, and I am reluctant to tell anyone that they should be working with a particular deity if it is not one that they have a relationship with – but I agree that going after specifics is an important part of magical work against capitalism. Have you done the work you are referencing? What techniques have you used? What have your results been?

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  2. The upside to the God of the Wild Hunt (let’s refer to him as the Koryonos for ease) is that there are a lots of potentials drawn from the Indo-European traditions; something for just about everyone 🙂

    I am somewhere near the beginning of the magical side of things at the moment – having been clarifying consolidating thoughts and ideas with academic treatments of the subject. I reckon I am on the right track – certainly my Koryonos says so -, so now is the part of working things out and how to go about it. Right now isn’t the time of year for it; it’s midsummer, tomorrow will be the hottest day in the UK for 9 years. in a few months the night will have drawn in, the weather turned cooler and it will be the traditional times for the hunt to be abroad. Midwinter will be the time to begin workings; its the most likely time of initiations into the warbands of the Koryonos and gives me the time to plan out how to go about it. I would say working in the wild, outside of normally society – offerings, prayers, curse tablets like the above cast into water. wolves and hounds will feature and probably horses; which are additionally also linked with sovereignty; all tying up nicely.

    I will drop in on your columns to let you know how things are going and what is afoot 🙂


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