Until The Forest Becomes The World

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The Gods&Radicals Journal!

We’re utterly excited to announce our call-for-contributions to the Gods&Radicals Journal!  Deadline is September 15th, and contributions will be paid.  Looking for submission guidelines?  They’re here.

We’ll announce subscription and ordering information soon!


Are you going to Many Gods West?  Several of our writers will be presenting there (including Anthony Rella, Sean Donahue, and Rhyd Wildermuth), and many other writers will be in attendance.  Come say hi!  We’re mostly on the side of good. 🙂

What comes after Capitalism?  Maybe it’s already here.

Ever thought about all the things Nature provides for ‘free?’

And coming up this week: Druid heartthrob Jonathan Woolley on Heresies, the next installment Fjothr Odinsdottir Lokakvan‘s hope-inspiring monthly column “Things With Feathers,George Caffentzis with a report back from Greece, and James Lindenschmidt‘s essay on the effects of Capital through Ancestral Displacement.  Also, we’re excited to announce Tomás Ben-Sefis‘s first essay at Gods&Radicals, “Beyond Marriage Equality.”



An uniquely American political doctrine that advocates an end to social and political checks on individual economic and social activities while advocating the continuance of Capitalism.  Libertarians accept all the basic principles of Capitalism while rejecting the apparatus (government) which supports Capitalism.

While often advocating for strong individual liberties (the legalization of drug-use, non-‘traditional’ sexual relations, freedom of speech), Libertarians often embrace a ‘survival of the fittest’ model of society and reject socially-enforced corrections to racism, sexism, and other abuses of people who are different from them.  Thus, Libertarianism would support marijuana use, but reject reparations for slavery as ‘government interference.’

While on the surface similar to Anarchism, Libertarianism has very little in common with Anarchism and is often embraced by white, middle-class male business owners who benefit both from government and Capitalism.


Private property has crushed true Individualism, and set up an Individualism that is false. It has debarred one part of the community from being individual by starving them. It has debarred the other part of the community from being individual by putting them on the wrong road, and encumbering them.

–Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man Under Socialism

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    A cause for excitement: the call for submissions for the first ever Gods & Radicals journal. The G & R publishing collective are looking for beautiful words against capital. Never submit… except… (I have no idea what I’m going to write yet!).


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