Die Fetten Jahren Sind Vorbei

oil spill wensum
Fuel spill on the Wensum, Norwich (photo by Jonathan Woolley)

(Die Fetten Jahre Sind Vorbei: “The days-of-plenty are over,” the title of a German anarchist film renamed “The Edukators” in English.  In the film, anarchists break into the houses of the rich and re-arrange their furniture, leaving a note that says “You have too much money”)

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This week: writing from Lorna Smithers, Niki Whiting, James Lindenschmidt, Johnny Rapture, and Sean Donahue!

News and Links:

Want to watch an eagle take down a drone?  Of course you do.

Naomi Klein speaks about the Pope’s Encyclical and her time as a guest at the Vatican.

In the UK?  Consider supporting Reclaim The Fields in their upcoming actions against Fracking.

Non-hierarchical, anti-authoritarian polytheist communities?  A call by the editor of Gods&Radicals.



A system of critiques, academic or otherwise, which challenges the foundations of knowledge and self-understanding of Western colonial nations.

Asserting that the legacies of colonialism continue on both to colonized peoples as well as the inheritors of colonialist power, Post-Colonialism challenges Western notions of secularism, modernity, monotheism, and exceptionalism both to liberate the victims and the perpetrators of colonial violence.

For instance, European exceptionalism continues the narrative of ‘primitive’ and ‘civilized’ when dealing with immigrants and indigenous peoples.  Rather than showing that so-called ‘primitive’ peoples are just as modern as Europeans, Post-Colonialism shows that the very idea of ‘modern’ and ‘civilized’ are colonial lies to which Europeans as much ideological victims as decolonized peoples.

Frantz Fanon, Edward Said, Dipesh Chakrabarty, and Gayatri Spivak are some of those who’ve shaped post-colonial studies.


“The true ethical test is not only the readiness to save the victims, but also – even more, perhaps – the ruthless dedication to annihilating those who made them victims.” Slavoj Žižek


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