Dream Onward, Comrades

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We continue to receive a steady torrent of submissions for the Gods&Radicals Journal.  Want to get in on the fun?

This week!

Essays from Michael Strojan, Rhyd Wildermuth, Alan Evans, Naomi Jacobs, Fjothr, & Linda Boeckhout


An art piece to help people understand minimum wage. ( If only it could degrade the soul, harass you for being late, make you afraid of it, and cover you with greases….)

Novelist, artist, and all around fantastic person Margaret Killjoy discusses being genderqueer.

Need help ‘staying sane’ in the face of Apocalypse?

Wildfires are raging throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Here’s one witch’s account of being smoked out of the forest.

There’s a call for papers for the Greening of Religions conference, hosted by Cherry Hill Seminary.


The Anthropocene

The proposed name for the geological epoch in which we currently live, defined by atmospheric changes caused by human activity which significantly shape the rest of life on earth.

The division of earth’s history into geological epochs is somewhat arbitrary, but describes time periods where the fossil record shifts from many types of life to others; for instance, between single-celled organisms to more complicated beings.  These shifts are triggered by major climactic events (ice ages, warming).

The Anthropocene appears to be another such climactic event triggering what some called the Sixth Great Extinction, caused primarily by human changes to the environment (pollution, deforestation, slaughter).  The rate of species extinction is currently quite fast, and appears to be quickening.


“When we revolt it’s not for a particular culture. We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe.”

Frantz Fanon

2 thoughts on “Dream Onward, Comrades

  1. Hi! The link to the account of the witch being smoked out appears to point to the ‘staying sane’ piece. There may be something amiss there.


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