Out of the Bedroom, Into the Streets

Solidarity poster for the PKK (The Kurdish Worker’s Party) and Rojava.  The PKK is an anti-Capitalist, feminist resistance movement, who’s ideological leader has called for a return to an Animist understanding of the world in resistance to Capitalism and Imperialism.  The PKK is responsible for rescuing the minority Yezidi people from a siege by ISIL/Daesh; however, they are labeled a ‘terrorist’ group by the US government because of their anti-capitalist leanings and their refusal to submit to imposed authority from Western-backed countries such as Turkey and Iraq.


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Kadmus, Naomi Catherine, Katherine Cunningham, Sable Aradia, Yvonne Aburrow, and Christopher Scott Thompson


Are you doing Paganism right?  Let’s go hex some Capitalists together and argue later

The dark side of America’s National Forests (hint, like everything in America, it involved hurting indigenous people…)

Become an accomplice, not an ally.

From Alley Valkyrie, the consequence of Empire and the Fear of a Blue Sky.

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Being held responsible, intentionally or inadvertently, for an act.

Because Democracies claim to derive consent from those they govern, the governed are considered ‘complicit’ in the acts of the government, regardless of their actual consent or intention.  The moral authority of a democracy relies on the tacit complicity of its people, particularly when engaging in foreign wars.  Thus, the US Government claimed it was the ‘will of the people’ to invade Afganistan and Iraq, despite large protests and resistance to those invasions.

Remaining apolitical becomes a tacit vote of consent for governments who perform violence, particularly when the ‘apolitical’ person enjoys and benefits from those acts (cheaper gasoline, for instance, the guarantee of ‘human rights,’ or higher standards of living).

Worse–Democracies, with their claims of tacit consent, appallingly follow the logic of the rapist, claiming, “well–they didn’t say no…” and “well, they obviously enjoyed it…”

When governments rely upon tacit consent, silence becomes complicity.  Thus, anti-war movements such as ‘Not In Our Name’ or other active resistances become the only way to withdraw stolen consent.


Politics is not optional for First Nations, women, queers, blacks, or any of the other slave classes. Abstention is a position of privilege which aids the pattern of destruction, arguing only for our impotence. There is no left-right dichotomy, there are those who are destroying the body, and those who stand against them. Economics is war by other means, and in this asymmetric war against life itself, you do not have the luxury of choice. This is the time when our witchcraft again becomes an imperative, or perishes.

–Peter Grey, Apocalyptic Witchcraft

2 thoughts on “Out of the Bedroom, Into the Streets

  1. The piece on becoming an accomplice is interesting. I think, sometimes, the line between ally and accomplice can be rather blurry. For example, an academic (that would be me) can betray the institution, and therefore the established hierarchy, in very subtle ways. They may appear very much like an ally, spouting words of support while appearing to do very little and at the same time be asking questions, assigning lessons, and establishing required readings that shape the next generation in a way that is favorable to a cause. Teaching this way definitely betrays the institution and the hierarchy, but is next to invisible. In reality, it has to be nearly invisible of their ability to do anything at all would be sacrificed.

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