My First Blood Rite.

Artifacts to make sacred.
Artifacts to make sacred.

Locking the doors felt both foolish and oddly securing. I was shaking with the anticipation of what I was to step through. The rite I had conjured for myself felt so very dangerous, as if   I was about to step into, through and beyond something that would change me forever. A threshold I could never come back from. This was the point; Really truly deeply changing something took this kind of sacrifice of fear, of terror, as the edges of it were felt through.

Who would stop me? Who could stop me? Who would know? There have been many moments of my life spent this secretively. Times where I would explore something never seen in a book. But ached for by my skin or by my heart, in such a way as to build the entire path to it. Every little detail of the encounter with self, alone and in so many ways All one, every part created with such joy and true abandon.

This here was the passageway to reclaim my blood. I had been using a menstrual cup for a year by then. I dearly loved it and the truth it afforded me, by virtue of its design that I may have such direct contact with my blood. So many questions arose from its use, so many wonderings that my bloodmind would wonder. But it would be years before I would even conjure that notion of my being… the recognition of bloodmind… by this stage I was barely able to see, to smell, to witness the bloods effect on my being… by being safe with it. This was another step along the pathway to understanding why we are so very forbidden from this blessed gift from within.

I had fashioned a simple spell working, from my basic and newbie relations to witchcraft. My sacred tools assembled, I cast circle. I created a sacred space, naked now, dripping in sweat, I sang a simple Goddess chant, The River… returning back unto She Then, taking my menstrual cup from my body, trusting it would be rather full, which it was, I opened to the blessed wonder that was this sacredness and added this cup of my blood to my bowl of ochre.

I felt like an original witch. Working with the most primitive of elements, blood and earth. I made my sacred paste. Stirring and blending till the consistency was just right for painting. Singing quietly to myself as I built such an offering, to me, to Her, to the life force that engaged me to continue, to move through any resistance, anything that would tell me this was too wrong, too far away from what is considered “normal”.

Once this sacred tool was ready, I turned and faced each element to ask for the blessings of each quarter. I conjured a power-filled brew, and turned to the mirror to apply it to my being, to reach ALL the way in. I was after what ever had made this feel wrong. I was chasing the tail of the beast that had stolen my first blood and made me fetid, filthy and dirty for being a woman that bleeds. I was chasing the demon that had laid this curse, so that I may shift it within myself. As I faced that mirror, I painted a crescent moon upon my third eye with my sacred blood earth, and knew myself a blood witch. I painted a spiral upon my heart to journey further and further within to the heart of woman.

I felt then, what I do now. A peace, a profound peace where there now lives an incredible life, sharing such life giving possibility of the sacred blood.

Original art Kathleen Aguis
Three Fold Goddess… Original art Kathleen Aguis

That first blood rite led me to the sharing of blood wisdom with many women. A life led deeper and deeper into the flow of what lay within a curse, what lay within the meaning and value we place on being a woman. I have sought the source of the curse in myself, in other women, in the texts that support it to remain. Those still invested in a woman’s perceived weakness rather than making room for the rest of her to be welcome at the table.

What I was after, what I am still opening to, is the state where in my body, the menstrual cycle has the rest of its worth enacted upon. Where I reach into the emotional realms, the heart tools of being whole as woman. Being real in this bloody glory.

I still remember the mortification of realizing a small drop of blood had landed on our rental carpet and the panic of having to explain how it got there to my housemate. I did all that I could to clean it, but in the end I confessed what it was, and how it got there. In testament to our friendship she heard me, and helped me remove my exposure. This beautiful sister became the first woman that I shared what I had learnt from within the blood circle, the first of many. She was to remain a deep sister that held me sane during a time when I could have easily slipped off an edge and been lost. For it feels like there is a madness, an  agreement that we break outside of our current thought … a treason we commit by turning to the blood, away from everything else, when we bleed.

I know I am not the first woman to have my attention taken by the flow of wisdom down my thighs.

I know that I will not be the last woman to re-frame my blood, my bleeding as sacred.

I hope that this story touches any woman that has felt this place and had no language for it. For where do we find such a language in the world of men that have never felt the entire dissolve that is menstruation.

Blessings of the Blood, for there are so many!

Katherine Cunningham.

Tools of my trade
Tools of my trade



7 thoughts on “My First Blood Rite.

  1. Much of this experience is, obviously, beyond my ability to fully understand. That having been said, I cannot help but to feel some satisfaction at women being able to reclaim as sacred that which has been labeled as profane and dirty for so long.

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  2. i am bleeding now, with you in bloodmind. blood rite is also non-substantial: sensation, suffering, destruction, purification, rainbow dragon and original symbol. more important than ‘re-framing’ it, i think, is simply to live it. bless you and all of our steps––great and small––toward, around, and through ‘bloody glory’.

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  3. My mother referred to moontime as “coming sick”. I never understood that, nor did I use that term. I didn’t hear other euphemisms for one flow-time until much later–the aunt or friend coming to visit, and others I no longer remember. I am a Crone after all!

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  4. Thank you for sharing this. A lot of talk about menstruation is all light and cutesy, but you acknowledge the darkness. It’s great to read about a woman taking charge and chasing away the shame!

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  5. Thank you. Excellent. I am fortunate in that I was never taught to be ashamed of my menstrual blood. But I think it’s great to engage with the mystery of it.

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