A Beautiful Resistance…

Beautiful Resistance

Hello all!

Rather pleased to announce we received just under 100 submissions for the Gods&Radicals journal!  We’re currently in the middle of the selection process, reading dream-soaked, brilliant words and…damn.  This Journal’s gonna be incredible.

Once all submissions are confirmed, we’ll make an announcement of the final contributor list–likely by October 1st.

There’s still plenty of time to purchase a pre-sale copy of the journal ($9 +shipping), and there are a few supporter packages (which include a Gods&Radicals t-shirt, the design was made by a t-shirt printing in london, which is pictured above).

Thanks for your patience while we furiously (and happily!) work through the selection & editing process.  Resist Beautifully!


On Monday, October 12 at 5:00pm, First Nations ritualist and Radical Faerie Timothy White Eagle will be leading “Prayer For The Return,” an public unwinding ritual for “Columbus Day” in Central Park in New York City.   From the invite page:
You are called to gather with kindred Spirits and join in making a prayer for the planet. To pray for a return to connection to the web of life and a surrender of the ideals which place man above all else. We use Columbus as a symbol of the dominator ideal, we will gather and walk counter clockwise around columbus circle. Together we un-spin the magic of the dominator and release it. We call into ourselves and into the world a vision of an interconnected people living in balance with all the natural world.
Also, want to know more about the resistance in Rojava?  Here’s video of a public discussion on the matter at Red Emma’s in Baltimore.


Our struggle then must begin with the re-appropriation of our body, the revaluation and rediscovery of its capacity for resistance, and expansion and celebration of its powers, individual and collective.
Dance is central to this re-appropriation. In essence, the act of dancing is an exploration and invention of what a body can do: of its capacities, its languages, its articulations of the strivings of our being.

–Silvia Federici, “In Praise of the Dancing Body”

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