Love is a Revolt


We’re pleased to announce the final selection of writers & artists for the Gods&Radicals Journal!  They include:

Silvia Federici, T. Thorn Coyle, Margaret Killjoy, Lorna Smithers, Yvonne Aburrow, Al Cummins, Jonathan Woolley, P. Sufenas Virius Lupus, Nimue Brown, Heathen Chinese, Pegi Eyers, James Lindenschmidt, Judith O’Grady, Max Oanad, Niki Whiting, Fjothr Lokakvan, Anthony Rella, Lo, Virgilio Rivas, Kadmus, Rhyd Wildermuth, Aaron Shenewolf, Wespennest, Lois Cordelia, Finnchuill, Lia Hunter, Christopher Scott Thompson, Chris Worlow, Sean Donahue, Lucky Mandrake, Sajia Sultana, with a foreword by Peter Grey.

Pre-sale copies are still available through indiegogo; information on ordering after pre-sale is closed will be coming soon.


Alley Valkyrie wrote a brilliant piece on gentrification at The Wild Hunt last week.

On the Wild Hunt today (which is currently doing their yearly fundraiser), Rhyd Wildermuth has a piece on cultural appropriation and the trauma of whiteness.

Also related to cultural appropriation, we recommend this piece by Erick DuPree and this one by Crystal Blanton, as well as this by Yvonne Aburrow.


The soul does not care for our external accomplishments, a forty-hour work week, a Ferrari, or a trophy spouse. The soul invites us to deepen into the soul of the world, with all of its suffering and unfolding evolution. The soul invites us to slow down, to listen to the heart and body, to feel with one’s animal self what is missing or what action is needed. The soul does not want us to turn away from outrage or injustice but to look at the pleasures and pains of the world together. The soul is a dangerous thing to take seriously. It is the space wherein Gods dwell, the container for Spirit, ever transforming and never resting. The soul is a site of liberation.

–Anthony Rella, from his essay “The Soul is a Site of Liberation,” in A Beautiful Resistance (Samhain).

6 thoughts on “Love is a Revolt

  1. Buuutts! I wanted a ‘Many Gods, No Masters’ patch like whoa. I’ve made a few myself and sold them at indie comics shows, (they do really well, for what that’s worth), but I still want THIS one!


  2. Reblogged this on rotwork and commented:
    Hooray, I’m in! CanNOT wait to read all the others, many of which are by polytheism’s finest right now. This is an amazing thing to have come together!


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