Imperial Wars and Spiritual Costs


As I write this Russian bombers continue to detonate thousands of pounds of explosives on Syrian heads; American trained rebels/terrorists are vowing revenge, going so far as to pledge to begin cutting off the heads and eating the hearts of any Russians they can find; In an attempt to win hearts and minds(not in Syria of course, but the rest of the world) both nations have ramped up their respective propaganda machines to plead that they, and they alone, are fighting for the “right” side in Syria.

We, as Anti-Capitalists and Spirit-Workers, must see past this flimsy web of illusion.

There is no “right” side in Syria, there are no “good guys.” What we have are two massive capitalist powers battling over regional control and resources, the human cost of such adventures not even registering on the radar.

The U.S. is waging a strategic war in the hopes of further regional destabilization. We have, from the beginning, been gifting weapons to and directly funding ISIS in the hopes they will topple Assad; there are no moderates in Syria. Even our “democratic” ally Turkey has been caught not only arming and aiding ISIS but bombing Kurdish targets instead of ISIS held territory with NATO approval. Syria is Russia’s only warm-water port in the Mediterranean, and if Assad goes down, Russia will effectively be cut off from the region. Putin refuses to accept this possibility and will do everything he can to stop it, including having Assad’s crimes against humanity swept under the rug. Putin, while certainly going against the prevailing IMF order threatening the world is no hero. Just ask any Russian dissident, or better yet any Russian citizen. There is no moral high-ground; this is a war of Realpolitik, not “liberation,” or “freedom,” or an “end of terrorism.”

In between these two self-interested powers some 22.85 million people will huddle in ruins tonight while they watch everything they know and love perish in flames.

This is the world of global capitalism.

Abandon any idea that either side fights for any reason other than those of an Imperial nature. To quote Chomsky:

“states are not moral agents; they are vehicles of power, which operate in the interests of the particular internal power structures of their societies. So anybody who intervenes in another country . . . is going to be intervening for their own purposes — that’s always true in history.”

These internal power structures are only interested in two things: profits and maintaining power. The great Anarchist thinker Peter Kropotkin was even more clear:

“All States…as soon as the great industries and the huge trading concerns develop among their people, become unavoidable involved in wars. They are driven to them by their own manufacturers, and even by their own working classes, in order to conquer new markets — that is, new sources of easily obtained riches. Moreover, in every State there exists nowadays a class — a clique, I should say — infinitely more powerful than the manufacturing class, and which also incites to war. It is composed of great financiers and rich bankers, who intervene in international relations, and who foment wars.”

The golden rule of capitalism is this: grow or die. Every company from the smallest to the biggest must make more money than it did last year or be diagnosed as “failing.” While pizza shops or occult bookstores may not unleash consequences too harsh following this dictum, it becomes another story when applied to the military-industrial complex. From bombs to bullets to machine guns with top spotting scopes, every single item devoted to death is losing money if it’s not being used; luckily they have all the right people in their pockets to make sure they WILL get used. Many other minor companies from uniform makers to even medical suppliers look to gain as well from widespread horror, and will gladly join the chorus sung by their more influential brethren to unleash the war hounds.

All of this is simply described as “business as usual.” The human suffering relabeled as “collateral damage”

To the magically inclined, we are presented with a far clearer view. What effect does this conflict truly have we ask: on the innocent souls caught in the crossfire and thrust beyond the veil in a state of confusion; on house spirits and land wights whose homes have been torn asunder by shrapnel and explosives; on temples and gardens that were once holy sites of peace and calm; on all the animals who are woefully unaware of the incoming bombs, missiles, and sniper rounds; on the countless hordes of negative entities drawn to the killing fields, gladly drinking up human blood and tears by the gallon; on the very landscape itself that will become a repository, a living record, of every misdeed, murder, and unspeakable horror further perpetrated on the Syrian people?

With wizard eyes Syria becomes a spiritual black hole, the yawning void of a hellscape let loose upon Earth. All due to the relentless pursuit of imperial hegemony…alongside the ability to make a hefty profit while doing so.

To those who create such furnaces of suffering we must not give any praise; we are obligated by our spiritual vision to condemn them all. Our prayers, our pacts, our calls must be with the Syrian people themselves and their Spirits/Gods, not with the Rulers and Capitalists that claim to represent them. We must see the conflict this conflict in Syria as a conflict of Capital.

And Capital doesn’t care who wins as long as blood and money flows.