Another World is Possible, and We’re From There


A Beautiful Resistance, #1 is almost ready for release!

As you probably heard, our fund-raising/pre-sale campaign was wildly successful: we raised almost 5 times our original goal.  Pre-sales are now complete, but you can still purchase a copy before its release (we hope to have them shipped by November 10th) through our website.  The link is here.

Want to read Rhyd Wildermuth’s introduction to the journal? It’s here:  Everything We Already Are

We’ve added several new writers in the past month, and will be adding several more soon.   Also, we’ll be changing the layout of our site in a few weeks to make it easier to navigate and easier to find old articles.


Watch a Kurdish resistance fighter sing a song about Rojava.

The Wild Hunt has a feature about Warrior’s Call.


We have been told that magic is not political and that we should seek acceptance at whatever cost, whilst our rulers openly use state ritual and confiscate the possessions of those who curse corporations and the bodies of those who engage in the rites of resistance. We have been told that witchcraft is not class struggle, though it reverses the flow of state violence. We have been told that spirit is an illusion, despite the proof of it down to a quantum level. We are even told by our own cadres, in thrall to materialism, that radicals cannot believe in gods or spiritual creatures. But it is not that we believe, it is that these are our lived experiences and that we are compelled by them to act. Religion is used to bind, but none can bind the throng of voices that speak to us, through us, which cannot be medicalised as opium dream, madness, or sheer hysteria.

Peter Grey, from the forward to A Beautiful Resistance



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