Weekly Update, 26 October

Welcome to the newly updated site for Gods&Radicals!  We’re still in the process of adding features, so thanks for your patience!

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Collected Links

This week, we read this essay about sex workers and gentrification.  We’ve written about both issues before, and this is an important take.

Alley Valkyrie’s written an incredible piece about the way ‘topographical scars’ affect our embodied experiences on The Wild Hunt.  By the way, they’re in their last few days of their yearly fundraiser; several G&R writers (Rhyd Wildermuth, Alley Valkyrie, Crystal Blanton, Heathen Chinese) also write there.

Similar to that piece was an earlier essay here by one of our newer writers, Accipiter Nisus: The Path as Fissure.



The economic and social arrangement by which one class of people (capitalists, or owners) own the means of production, and another class (the workers, or proletariat) can only survive by selling their labor/time to owners in exchange for less money than the value of their work.

The primary problems with Capitalism are two-fold (and most other problems stem from these).  The first is the necessary inequality which must exist in order for capitalism to function.  Some group of people must own businesses, factories, farms, shops, etc. and a larger group of people must have no access to their own survival (‘production’) in order to be compelled to work.  That is, in capitalism, workers have no choice whether they work for others or not, only a choice in who they work for.

The second problem is that Capitalism requires ever-expanding ‘growth’ in order to sustain itself while the resources which are needed to create products are limited.  Capitalism has to spread, expand, and constantly ‘change’ to find more resources, and thus rapid de-forestation, environmental damage, and resource wars become an equally increasing side-effect.

For a longer discussion and why this matters to Pagans, see A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer, by Alley Valkyrie and Rhyd Wildermuth (free to download!)


“It may be argued that gods of technology are lying to Themselves for having bought into the myth of our exceptionalism. But They are not infallible – we know this. Should the industrial world collapse, will these holy proponents of industry struggle to find a reason to live like some of us likely will? I would not be surprised; but then parts of Them might already be dying every day a worker throws themselves off a factory building in Shenzhen or hangs themselves in Aokigahara. Their tears are the shoes of bridge jumpers that wash to shore.”


No Hope, No Despair: Towards a Polytheist Nihilism, by Lo

from A Beautiful Resistance

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