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The Thinning of the Veil, Dragons, and the Ecology of Fire

Samhain draws near.

This is the Day of the Dead. The veil between the worlds of the Living and the Non-living is waning as a slivered crescent that hangs in the sky.

This is when the souls of the Dead are honored. We celebrate the day the Dead return to earthly existence before absconding with our own material security into what lies beyond, melding with that which was once in our world that no longer exists on the physical plane.

My interpretation of the Dead includes ideas, realities, parallel universes, extinct species including mythological creatures as well as individuals that lack appropriate representation in the material realm of existence. Countless worlds hidden, compressed into one seemingly superficial layer; shallow ripples obscure the profound depth of the water that lies below. Narrowing perceptions constrict the flow of communications from these hidden realms. We are what we believe. We are what we choose to perceive.

I believe the Dead are Alive.

I believe in Magick.

I believe in Miracles.

I believe in Dragons.

I believe another world is possible.

I believe that Capitalism and those who enforce it are possibly one of the most inhumane forces known to humanity. As the driving force behind industrialization and the unnatural destruction of nature, it inclines us to forsake ourselves and our own divinity, and for what? Profit?! It is indecent to engage in acts that lack compassion, whether directed at ourselves, our neighbors and family, or our planet. And yet in our Capitalistic society, compassion is overruled by greed and power lust, and the tendency to control by using fear tactics. This allows terrible things to happen, and apathy to breed. Apathy is one of the most dangerous pathogens you could ever come across. It allows us to forget. You will forget the light in life, and the dark; the suffering, and the beauty. To sustain its self, Life requires Death. To forget the suffering one has witnessed in the world is to also forget that miracles happen every day.

A fire sweeps through a forest charring all that stands in its path. Naught but a few stolid Oak remain upright, blessed with thick enough bark to protect their tender heartwood from the blaze. At first this appears as desolation, destruction, and cause for despair. All is not lost. It is not until a year passes that we realize that a whole new forest has grown in, more lush and diverse then ever. This is not to spite the fire, it is because of it.

Sometimes you have to burn it all down before you can start anew. Molecular bonds are broken and what exists is broken down into parts and allowed to re-accumulate. Minerals are freed to rejoice in the soil before being utilized again. The forest is given a chance to re-shape its self and to strengthen. Destiny is fulfilled. Destruction is a facilitator of immense evolution. These are the necessary steps for re-creation.

The veil is thinning. The poverty, the grief, and the struggle; this is the proof we are finally seeing through the illusion! It is synonymous with broadening of perceptions, the re-enchantment of the land. Magick has long since been a tool of the oppressed and the first step to actualization is realizing we are oppressed! We catch glimpses of night from between the cracks, we can smell the heady breath of those who long to escape from their boarded isolation. They have been regarding us through slatted panes for long enough. Like a hummingbird trilling out warning of a hailstorm, the signs are all there. It is time to return.

This Samhain the souls of the Dead have conspired to steal Magick back into existence. Bit by bit, all the Magick that has been pushed out of this world was accumulated and broken down so that the Dead can smuggle it through the Gate in satchels, pockets, rucksacks, and closed mouths in ecstatic return to the world of the Living. As we step out of an old life, a new one opens before us like a forest flush with regrowth. A brave new world.

Here what is misaligned can fall back into place and compassion can reignite in the hearts of the people like Fire returning in the East as the morning sun rises, again and again and again to be met with a cool Moon.

The embodiment of this sacred fire is the Dragon.

The existence of the Dragon is vital to the development of compassion. Burning through solid apathy with smoke, flame and the wisdom of experience, the Dragon is one of the most recognized and symbolically utilized creatures in mythology. Loved, feared, and respected, one of the most echoed draconic images is that of the embittered Dragon possessed with greed and gold-lust lurking in a secret mountainside lair. I see this as a reflection cast upon modern humanity. Money incites greed, bitterness and fuels the lust for power. Compassion is all but forgotten in a scrooge-like attempt at reconciling humanity’s own fears. Let us not forget that the Dragons were once a noble breed. There are still those out there who did not succumb, yet nobility is easily corruptible when there is wealth involved.

As I sit with my back to the wind in a grove of trees regarding the acequia that runs through it, a bluebird lands on one of last year’s Mullein stalks which is dead, yet still very much erect. The bird balances on one leg as the Mullein sways in the wind that caresses the South-Western landscape. Stay true to yourself, and you will find balance. Watch the Gate! They are coming to upend the world that you think you know. With lightning on the horizon, the Return of Fire is imminent!


  1. Brilliant, exact and magnificent writing. And! Reading this brings my soul to tears for it has, and is, what I know to be true. Many thanks and many blessings be upon you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Sometimes you have to burn it all down before you can start anew.”

    So. True. Synchronicity with the piece I just finished.
    Have you read Victor Serge? Your writing style sort of reminds me of him. I love the emotion and semi-bombastic style of it. It feels revolutionary.
    My Day of the Dead isn’t till Nov 2nd but many prayers and conversations with the Dead will ensue!
    Happy Samhain to you Comrade, and may indeed the impossible be brought by unseen hands!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I have not!! But I will certainly investigate. I like the feels.. I was always better at feeling then doing much of anything else. Blessings to you compadre, I look forward to writing with you as one new writer to the next!


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