Weekly Update, 1 November


Today, Gods&Radicals is officially half-a-year old!  Our official launch date for the site was Beltane of this year, though we started by posting articles earlier, and the non-profit publisher which runs Gods&Radicals was voted to existence on May 1st.

Thanks for reading us thus far!


Heathen Chinese (who also has a piece in A Beautiful Resistance) has written a great piece for the Wild Hunt about Indigenous Struggles in California’s Bay Area.

Margaret Killjoy writes about Disaster Fatigue, and the hope of Nihilism: The Fires Out West

Speaking of fires, Monsanto in France has had more to worry about then their plummeting financial losses.

Fjothr Lokakvan wrote about the recovery of the Elwha River after dam-removal–wanna see it now? (We recommend no sound–the music’s horrible)

(this week, we’re introducing a new series, an (re)introduction to the writers at Gods&Radicals.)

Writer: Linda Boeckhout

Linda posted her first piece on Gods&Radicals on June 2nd, 2015, and is also currently our only writer in continental Europe.  Bringing an important non-Anglo perspective to the questions of Paganism and Capitalism, her poetry and prose evoke the hidden beauty and fleeting wonder of a land made prosperous–and thus fallow–by the rise of mercantilist capitalism.   In her most recent piece, Europa & The Bull, Linda speaks to the rise of magic elsewhere, but the slowness of such return in her homeland:

Maybe the far west is an outpost yet again. So are the Isles of Britain and Ireland, where somehow more of the otherworldly magic has managed to survive. The names of the Old Gods and Goddesses are spoken there once more, after a long period of being forsaken and forgotten. I would like to join in, but the atmosphere here on the continent is one of rational and secular doubt, pervading all joy, and religious apathy. Perhaps it is fear, of the dirty mirrors these old names conjure.

A list of her pieces for Gods&Radicals can be found here, and she also writes at her own blog, The Flailing Dutchwoman.


The body is a site of resistance. Resistance to Capitalism and Patriarchy may begin with a glimmer of a theoretical idea, realization, or hope. But those ideas must flower in relation to our lived, embodied experience. Resistance begins in these personal moments, in the ways we love, the ways we
bleed, the ways we live and die.

–Niki Whiting, “Our Bodies Are Not Machines,”

in A Beautiful Resistance

(Photo credit Aaron Shenewolf, whose images also appear in A Beautiful Resistance)

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