Podcast Episode 2: Winter is a Time of Revolt

“There’s something about winter that… a lot of revolts, a lot of insurrections, have happened in the winter months when a lot of the external distractions of the difficulties of society have gone away. Everybody is in enclosed spaces, it’s cold, and it’s raw. Life is raw. We start to see the real conditions of life and we become restless & discontent.”

In episode 2, our own managing punk anarchist druid editor, Rhyd Wildermuth, tells the story of the origin of Gods & Radicals, and walks us through a detailed preview of A Beautiful Resistance, the upcoming print journal that will be shipping very soon.

You can also download an mp3 of the podcast. Audiogeeks might be interested in learning more about how the podcast was recorded.

Thanks to Rhyd Wildermuth for the stories; to Alfred Lund for the percussion; to the waters, creatures, and spirits of Casco Bay for the shoreline recording. Piano by James Lindenschmidt.

All sounds recorded, mixed, mastered by James Lindenschmidt for Crafted Recordings. Podcast ©2015 James Lindenschmidt. Some Rights Reserved (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

Want to tell your story?

I am actively looking for folks to tell their stories, sing their songs, or contribute other chants & rants for future episodes. If you are interested in contributing, please contact me.

16 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 2: Winter is a Time of Revolt

  1. Thanks for listening. Yes I am working out the best way to syndicate this podcast. I will do a local syndication feed (rss) soon. I’m trying to avoid things like iTunes. Do you have any favorites to suggest apart from a simple rss feed?

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    1. I’m not actually sure how podcast aggregate apps like Podcast Addict or Player FM work, whether they crawl podcast hosts or are by submission, but the only host that comes to mind right now is Talk Shoe…


  2. So I am an old, but I found it difficult to hear what you were saying with all of the music and rustling in the background. I wanted to hear what you had to say but eventually gave up because the background noise made it too difficult.


  3. I sympathize…. the interview with Rhyd was via telephone, so the sound quality was a challenge. Definitely a lo-fi situation, so I actually had the background sounds softer than I would like to attain as much intelligibility as I could. Every episode won’t be like this…..


  4. I expierenced similar trouble, a transcript would really help. But I llove that you are also doing podcasts now. Thanks for the work, the background sound loop is realy soothing, feels like sitting on a beach around a fire, listening to a, well phone call with Rhyd.

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  5. My beloved one, who was a radio guy for some years has just suggested to maybe a let the person speaking record themselves, with an audiorecorder. There are also apps for that now, but I guess then it depends heavily on the mic of your device and the background acoustics.


    1. Thanks for the link. WordPress has some podcasting support to it, I’m in the process of setting that up. There will be an RSS feed you can use in various audio/podcast players, as well as play it from within the browser.


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