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Dr. Bones Special Communique: The Paris Attacks

Do you know what a Revenant is?

A Revenant is the spirit of someone who’s passed on, someone who haunts a place; not just any kind of spirit but a specifically negative or malicious one. They roam the wastes and fields, haunt homes and torture people because they either did not fulfill some “mission” in life or they died very resentful and angry.

In Paris, at the time of this writing, 150 of them have been newly minted.

From a spiritual perspective I can only have the faintest hints, the foggiest imaginings of what it was like for those innocent people to die: to be on a night out to watch a concert or eat food at a restaurant; to actively in engage in events filled with life…only to have the unimaginable happen. What were those moments like? To see these attackers? To feel the heat of a bullet rip through your skin and be left in a pool of blood, praying maddeningly to whatever “godly force” you can imagine for peace and rest?

Think about that. Don’t run from it. Live it for a moment. The wishes, the hopes and dreams all snuffed out like worn out candles. Think of that dying shallow breath, that last conscious moment where they probably just wished the best for their loved ones and slipped silently beyond the veil. Do not merely say prayers: light a candle, guide new Discarnates through this difficult time. We have the gifts, now is the time to use it.

How does this all make you feel? Sad, of course. This is human, this is real. But anger, does it rise within your belly? Do you feel a coldness now? Have the people who committed this act filled you with venom? Have they become a symbol? Are you ready to bomb Syria? Are you ready to do whatever it takes to get revenge(or “justice” as it’s called) for the Holy Fallen Dead?

Your anger is human too, and I agree the cowards and filth of Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) must be confronted violently. But do not go so gently into that good mental night. Because you need to use those feelings to fuel another fire: a burning hatred for the flames that caused this.

Proudly Made In the USA

There is an uncomfortable truth sitting in the room, waiting to be acknowledged. Why did these people do this?

“Two or three individuals not wearing masks returned with automatic weapons of the Kalashnikov type and began to fire blindly into the crowd. The attack lasted about a dozen or 15 minutes. It was extremely violent, and there was a wind of panic, everyone was running around and there were scenes of trampling. The assailants had time to reload at least three times. They weren’t masked, they were masters of themselves. They were very young.”–Translation of a radio report from a Europe 1 journalist who was in the Bataclan concert hall

Young. Military trained. Fearless. This is the work of someone battle hardened in Syria. Why Syria? Because as Ritual Magazine stated it’s become a lightning rod for young, dissatisfied Europeans:

“Among the many interviews, documentaries, and video messages about and from “foreign fighters” in Syria there is a fragment of two Belgian jihadists discussing what motivates them to stay, fighting a bloody turf war in a largely deserted city to which they have no connection. The conversation initially focuses on theological duty, a sense of humanitarian empathy for the victims of the Al-Assad regime and frustration of western foreign policy, the usual talking points. But it soon strays into talking about day-to-day militant life. How here, on the frontines of a hopeless war, they have found a community of believers who eat together, pray together, tend to each other’s wounds, and cover each other’s back in battle. As one British jihadist put it:

“We are like a single body, if one part suffers, the others react.” What these wandering souls hope to find among the ruins and the dead of the Levant is something to believe in, something that saturates each action with a perennial meaning that overshadows the fleeting and the transient, a community worth living and dying for and held together by something other than the rule of gold…“When middle class youth from sleepy villages in the heartlands of Europe decide to take up arms for a brutal racket offering little more than a sea of beheadings and a death under the unforgiving Levantine sun, little else is left to be said about the supposed “triumph” of progress, capitalism and liberal democracy. In the words of a Canadian imam whose young students took off to fight for the IS: “When you don’t find purpose and meaning in life, the only thing you look forward to is death.”

And what meaning! Syria has turned into a human nightmare: innocent people placed in between a war fought by a tyrannical dictatorship and a fundamentalist cult that prides itself on it’s barbaric executions.

And we knew the latter would come to power:

Circa 2012

Circa 2012

We knew all this, knew all the possible human suffering and pain it would cause. And we didn’t care. We wanted it, desired it, when it was but a twinkle in the collective American eye. And all our collective actions have been supporting it:

“Without the American crime of aggressive war against Iraq — which, by the measurements used by Western governments themselves, left more than a million innocent people dead — there would be no ISIS, no “Al Qaeda in Iraq.” Without the Saudi and Western funding and arming of an amalgam of extremist Sunni groups across the Middle East, used as proxies to strike at Iran and its allies, there would be no ISIS. Let’s go back further. Without the direct, extensive and deliberate creation by the United States and its Saudi ally of a world-wide movement of armed Sunni extremists during the Carter and Reagan administrations, there would have been no ‘War on Terror’ — and no terrorist attacks in Paris tonight.

Again, let’s be as clear as possible: the hellish world we live in today is the result of deliberate policies and actions undertaken by the United States and its allies over the past decades. It was Washington that led and/or supported the quashing of secular political resistance across the Middle East, in order to bring recalcitrant leaders like Nasser to heel and to back corrupt and brutal dictators who would advance the US agenda of political domination and resource exploitation.”

Let me put it in plain and simple English: the United States of America, that “Land of the Free,” directly funds Daesh. We run guns, we give them supplies through our allies, we even used to call them “freedom fighters.”

We made these people. We crafted them, molded them, to suit hegemonic ideals. And as long as the violence and brutality was happening to brown people in desert countries we didn’t care. Because hey, that’s “war,” that’s “collateral damage.”

Except when it happens to us.

From Zizek:

“Two Hollywood films mark 9/11’s fifth anniversary: Paul Greengrass’s United 93 and Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center. Both adopt a terse, realistic depiction of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. There is undoubtedly a touch of authenticity to them and most critics have praised their sober styles and avoidance of sensationalism. But it is the touch of authenticity that raises some disturbing questions…

This lack of “cognitive mapping” is crucial. All we see are the disastrous effects, with their cause so abstract that, in the case of WTC, one can easily imagine exactly the same film in which the twin towers would have collapsed as the result of an earthquake. What if the same film took place in a bombed high-rise building in Beirut? That’s the point: it cannot take place there. Such a film would have been dismissed as “subtle pro-Hizbullah terrorist propaganda”. The result is that the political message of the two films resides in their abstention from delivering a direct political message. It is the message of an implicit trust in one’s government: when under attack, one just has to do one’s duty…

What, then, is the historical meaning of 9/11? Twelve years earlier, on November 9, 1989, the Berlin wall fell. The collapse of communism was perceived as the collapse of political utopias. Today, we live in a post-utopian period of pragmatic administration, since we have learned the hard lesson of how noble political utopias can end in totalitarian terror. But this collapse of utopias was followed by 10 years of the big utopia of global capitalist liberal democracy. November 9 thus announced the “happy 90s”, the Francis Fukuyama dream of the “end of history”, the belief that liberal democracy had, in principle, won, that the search was over, that the advent of a global, liberal community was around the corner, that the obstacles to this Hollywood happy ending are merely local pockets of resistance where the leaders have not yet grasped that their time is over.”

1,400 French youths have fled the country to fight for the American proxy army called ISIL. Now they’ve come home to wage war on familiar territory.

Revenants, ghosts hell-bent on getting revenge. The United States government is the Necromancer responsible for summoning them. What was once common knowledge is already being eaten by propaganda: I watched with disgust as Brian Williams, known liar, was interviewed on MSNBC. “Maybe this is our war…our great war.” 

You’re right. It is our war, our Great War, our war to maintain imperial hegemony over the middle east and keep the planet tightly in our fist. But this is not what he summons, this truth is not evoked in any circle of his! What he summons is nothing but jingoistic fervor, a cheap advertising attempt to connect the symbol of World War with imperialism, a petty and ugly gasp to manipulate the masses into thinking the barbarity we call the modern era has anything, even remotely, to do with the titanic ethical struggle we call WW2.

Don’t be fooled by the incoming anti-muslim, anti-immigrant propaganda that will surely justify more war and more drone bombings. We can grieve for the innocent and even hate the attackers but we cannot, must not, deny the fact that the US government, taking the symbolic place of Grendel’s Mother, is the womb from which they all spring.  What we proud and privileged Westerners experienced tonight is but a drop in the bucket to the unimaginable cruelty we inflict on innocent Syrians in the name of the Capitalist Imperium. And as long as we continue to do so attacks by our pet terrorists against Europe will increase and legions of souls will be thrust beyond the veil. That much is certain.

To continue to do so is at our own peril, for a dog trained to be viscous and cruel can only act according to its training.

It’s time to find fault with its owner.


  1. This has been brought up before, including our creation of ISIS, just as we created Al Qaeda, and the Taliban before, but the problem is no one wants to know it, that we created the groups, and we are not the least interested in destroying what we created, for the endless war is all too profitable.

    We have done this many times before. When the French would not allow Standard Oil leases of off shore oil sites, Rockefeller started helping Ho Chi Min. Note where we carpet bombed, South Vietnam, not North Vietnam. Note where we dropped two million tons of Agent Orange, not to mention unknown amounts of Agent Blue, Green, Yellow, and White. Again, South Vietnam not North Vietnam. Once Ho Chi Min won it only took a little while for Standard Oil to obtain those oil leases. Now who is our great ally in South East Asia, The Republic of Vietnam. It makes me wonder if the whole of the Vietnam war was just a game, a war that we ever intended to win, a game that we were willing to get 3.2 million Vietnamese killed 57,000 of our own troupes killed and make wonderful profits for so long just to get the oil off shore.

    I have a personal fascination about Vietnam for I am a disabled Marine Vietnam Veteran, part of the disability and health issues due to exposure to Agent Orange. I was in Vietnam from about Fall of 1966 to about Fall of 1967.

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  2. I think this should be required reading for pagans everywhere. I would add that along with the corporate machine driving this hell, there is also a religious machine along side it. The Christianists need an enemy, and they helped create one. Our military, including the domestic police force, is becoming more and more Christianised and without the Islamic extremists, they don’t have their crusade. They want this, need this and are willing to let people die in order to advance it. And what happens in the Middle East doesn’t stay in the Middle East, it is coming home nThe church bombings; Christian extremism. The assault on women’s rights; Christian extremism. Police murdering POCs; Christian extremism. Violent attacks on gays and transgendered people; Christian extremism. One can’t have one without the other, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

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  3. A thoughtful and disturbing analysis that is under reported in America, although several newscasts – notably CBS – have reported on the makeup of the ISIL/Al Queda fighters. Just a point, however – Liam, comments want to lay some of the blame on Christianity’s doorstep, and I feel this is a mistake. Liam DID state the correct groups: Christian EXTREMISTS – not Christianity in general. The monotheistic paths seem to lend themselves to these harsh elements, and sadly the majority of the followers of both Allah and Yahweh do little, if nothing, to stop them.

    Thank you for the dreadful truth, harsh as it is.


  4. It often feels like there is a lot of resistance among certain political demographics in the US to ever acknowledge that things like this don’t happen in a vacuum. They seem to feel it’s a choice between personal responsibility or people being influenced by their environment/past that leads to things like this, a fallacy of the excluded middle. I don’t experience any cognitive dissonance in thinking that the people responsible for last night’s attacks were fully responsible for their actions, but, as you elaborate on here, they are part of a greater tapestry to which the West in general, and the US especially has contributed a fair amount. A nation can’t use their power to play chess with the world, and then deny any part of the blame when things fall apart and bad things happen.

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    • I have an article that is scheduled for tomorrow dealing with just that. But for now let your tears stoke the righteous fervor of revolt!


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