Weekly Update, 15 November

(image credit: International Brigade of Rojava)

The full order of A Beautiful Resistance–Everything We Already Are is currently being printed!  We’ll have an update when it arrives (and probably a very large mailing party at the editors home!).  We expect most North American copies should arrive by the end of the first week of December, elsewhere soon after.

Are you an anarchist bookshop or occult-pagan-witch store interested in carrying our works?  Or do you have a favorite one you’d like to see carry the journal?  Retailer information is here.

Sundry Links

As you know by now, there was a large terrorist attack in Paris, with Daesh claiming responsibility.  For an analysis and background of this event, we recommend Dr. Bone’s piece on Revanants and Terror.  We also would like to draw your attention to non-capitalist groups who’ve been fighting Daesh.

There’s been another controversy over gender-essentialism in American Paganism.  Remarkably absent from the discussions have been any apparent understanding regarding the political importance of gender-essentialist categories to capitalism and the modern state.  As such, we highly recommend Silvia Federici’s book, Caliban & The Witch (available for purchase or to read-online), which contextualises the witch burnings in the political-economic process of ‘proletarianization’ (the creation of a new working class).  Her essay in A Beautiful Resistance, “In Praise of the Dancing Body,” also provides some background to this question.

And we also recommend Sara Amis’ piece on Patheos today.

Magic and Protest? The Wild Hunt’s Eric Scott reports on the protests at the University of Missouri.  We’re kinda honored to have read this line:

I know I’m not the first person to draw the connection between protest and magick – I read Gods and Radicals too – but I am struck by the correspondence.

And speaking of magic and protest, artist Steven Leyba’s made a Cursed Grimoire against Monsanto.

Featured Writer: Fjothr Lokakvan

Joy can be an antidote to their poisons and a reminder that there is more to existence than what they offer.


One of the first writers to join Gods&Radicals, Fjothr Lokakvan is an environmentalist, a Lokean, and a bioregional animist who is very good at reminding us all of one thing almost everything activist is prone to forget: without hope, without joy, without love, there’s no reason to try to build a better world.

This can be seen very well in her monthly series, “Things With Feathers” (a title inspired by the line from Emily Dickinson’s poem, “Hope” Is A Thing With Feathers).

She also writes at Rebalancing Acts.

One thought on “Weekly Update, 15 November

  1. So, this whole anti-trans* thing going on mostly passed me by, because I’m not on social media and have not been reading Patheos.

    That this is even a debate, still, and that some people amongst “Pagans” are on the side of the homophobic hegemonic monotheists, is a travesty…and that, still, some are saying “Oh, but we must respect them” or “We need to hear their viewpoints in order to have better communication” and so forth…

    Fuck that. I’m done.

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