Weekly Update, 29 November

(image by Eric Wallen)

Journals have arrived!  We hope to have them all sent out in the next few days and can’t wait for you to see them!


There’s been a lot of fantastic writing this week elsewhere.

Two pieces from the Wild Hunt are very worthy of your attention.  First, from Alley Valkyrie, “Death, She Speaks Through The Birds,” a tale of the mystical and mundane, seagulls on LSD, what we choose to see, and what we choose to ignore.

And today, a brilliant exegesis utilizing Walter Benjamin and James Baldwin from Heathen Chinese on race, power, fascism, and The Dead Those curious how Polytheism and Anti-Capitalist theory not only merge but dance together will find his essay particularly profound.

Rhyd Wildermuth’s review of Alex Mar’s book received a mention in The Guardian.

T. Thorn Coyle and 13 others joined in an anti-police protest on Black Friday and was arrested.  We’re always pleased to see more than magic circles summoned against Authority.

Those following the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris will be interested to learn the French government has put environmental activists under house-arrest and seized the property of anarchists as part of their ‘response.’  And the tear gas has started.  But every good saboteur knows that shoes can be a weapon.

Feel like the dead are rattling at the gates? This music will help. Seriously.

Featured Writer: Judith O’Grady

Another one of the writers who’ve been with Gods&Radicals since the beginning, Druid Judith O’Grady has written 8 pieces. Judith writes in an often humorous, no-nonsense tone unveiling a profound logic and naturalist ethic.  An urban farmer, the head druid of a grove, and a biologist, Judith brings a deeply earthy analysis to questions of Authority, ancestry, and other matters few address.

Certainly the ghosts of memory have only the power we give them; if we only ever reference ‘the Robber Barons’ as shallow and painfully unaware of the wonder they despoiled can we disarm them? Not that pernicious Evil and rampant destructive Capitalism don’t exist and need to be fought, but that we should avoid creating soldiers for the wrong army.


Instead we should give power back to the dispossessed. Although I identify as a Druid, I qualify that with the disclaimer that all of my ancestors were peasants. I’m not a Professor Druid or a Judge Druid, I am a Skilly Cunning-Worker and I invoke Biddy Early and not Cathbad the Druid. Our Grove includes the Spirit of our despoiled watershed that flows through our ritual site.

Judith is also the author of God-Speaking, and lives in Ottawa, Canada.  Her writing can be found here.


“The structure of the world was built by the dead, they were paid in wages, and when the wages were spent and they were dead in the ground, what they had made continued to exist, these cities, roads and factories are their calcified bones.

They had nothing but their wages to show for what they had done and after their deaths what they did and who they were has been cancelled out But what they made has continued into our present, their burial and decay is our present….


The class war begins in the desecration of our ancestors: millions of people going to their graves as failures, forever denied the experience of a full human existence, their being was simply cancelled out.”


Monsieur Dupont, “Class Hatred”

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