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an Illustrated Allegory From the Perspective of an Autist Unicorn


Words+Ink + Charcoal + Metallic Ink + Colored Pencil + Watercolors

by Deer Prunus

CHAPTER ONE: One at a Space-Time


In a parallel world, darkness is settling..


A copper sun sets blood-red on the horizon, foretelling a battle of ferocious proportions. There is about to be a battle that determines the fate of an ancient Magickal species and shapes a destiny. There is a mythological species, resembling radiant equines with one-single glowing horn protruding from the middle of their forehead who live here.

They are referred to as Unicorns in your language, and can be seen documented in several ancient historical texts throughout the space-time span of their planet. These creatures have been battling extinction for thousands of years. There once was a space-time where the world, rife with Magick was safe for such delicate yet powerfully perseverant beings.

In the modern space-time the Unicorns are a rarity, hunted almost to extinction for their Magickal horns and hair which are said to contain immense healing and purification properties. Once gregarious herd animals, now it is not uncommon for a Unicorn to go entire life-space-times without crossing paths with another member of their species.

The Unicorns walk among and in-between the other species of their planet. The most population-dominant species are sentient bi-pedals that call themselves Humans. They have a knack for limiting themselves and happen to think they can limit everyone else on the planet too! Unicorns were pushed consciously out of a world where they once accompanied faeries, dragons, nymphs, dryads and centaurs, all roaming in ecstatic alignment with resolute Spirit! They were once free to frolic and enjoy experiencing the world and themselves. Now they are ostracized and generally secluded.

  Usually isolated, cut-off from the world and themselves, they are often traumatized by the amount of Humans that simply refuse to believe that they exist, despite the all the proof right under their noses. Unicorns walk a rather lonely existential path in life. They are star-children and shapeshifters, so it does happen that a Unicorn is born to a Human family and is convinced that this is the shape which they are to be contained in. In reality, they are meant to shine through all concepts of physical bodily limitations in a shiny super-nova of truth. It may take years of self-exploration or a chance crossing-paths with another mythological creature before they can know who they really are. Some may never fully realize who they are due to the limited perceptions and awareness of this world.

DSC_0764“Martian Unicorn” Ink + Luminescent + Colored pencils

Innately, they yearn to bring Magick and expansion back to the people so that their essence may be free again to glimmer in the hills and forests, and all the mythological creatures may join them once again! Unicorns will never stop believing, despite the billions who refuse to believe in them. It is written in the wind, it is written in the ocean sand, it is written in the stars that Magick will never truly desert us. The Unicorns are proof of this. The world of these brave creatures is collapsing under a crushing wall of limited consciousness and a twisted lack of compassion. This notorious epidemic has been seeping into the sacred healing springs of the planet, much like the oily plague that feeds the Machine.

Oil and wide-spread illusion is what fuels the Machine; giving life to the whirring parts and clicking gears that would so readily devour the planet like a hoard of locusts. It consumes endlessly in the search for dominance and the raw resources to annihilate any opposition. The Machine is the biggest threat to our planet as we know it. A behemoth, it was constructed over thousands of years, pieced together from junked slabs of rusted metal car parts, christened gaudily with toxic nuclear waste, embodied with a lack or responsibility, and stitched shut with barbed wire.

Consuming space-time, resources, lives at an unsustainable rate, all the while entangling forever the lives of those beings it has sucked in. It pollutes with it’s sooty breath, laden with  smug politics and deadly haze. It is a golem; a holy edifice to Consumption. Not truly alive, it is embodied through a projection of the Spirit of an evil sorcerer. From it’s throaty pipes, belching huge greasy clouds of smog into the open sky and sacred water, it threatens even the existence of those who are paid to stand behind the machinery and operate it.

Like a cash register, it would not function without the Humans to add, subtract, and accumulate %15 government tax with sallow dollar signs reflected in their shiny, fearful eyeballs. Thank. You. Come. Again. Like Zombies, the Humans are controlled subconsciously. Not inherently evil creatures, they are driven by a paralyzing fear induced by the illusion that dictates they must operate the Machine. They must operate the Machine, or die.

The stage is set. In modern time, the planet is barren and experiencing a drought that has lasted hundreds of years. As a result clean water is highly sought after and absolutely finite and necessary to survival. It rains, but no longer peals of fresh water come down sparkling to grace the landscape. Now it is acid rain, the disintegration of the world and individual rights echoing over the darkening hills. This is divinity screaming. Water is what gave us life on this planet, and continues to do so. What is holier then that which gives us life?

Through it’s chemical properties contained within us, we are granted the ability to resonate with the biological Magick of our own DNA, and shapeshift our own reality. Because of this, water is also sought after by power-hungry forces as a way to control other life forms on the planet, and guarded closely. Often hoarded and hid from the innocent denizens of the world, trespassers are prosecuted brutally; executed without mercy and with no ability to appeal to another party for a second decision.

Being highly-sensitive creatures, Unicorns are thoroughly affected by the environmental and artificial toxins and emotional complexes that define modern society. Unicorns must protect themselves, and the others that rally around their cause. Besides being armored with striking diamond-hard hooves and a razor sharp horn, they also have an array of Magickal and physically kick-ass powers.  Unicorns also possess a mystic power in their horn capable of purifying even the most polluted of waters and psychic emotions to be capable of nourishing life. This makes them very dangerous beings to those who seek to control the world, because they are capable of turning even the most forceful deadly tide.

These evil Humans who destroy Unicorns pursue dominance by granting water to only those who have chosen to be willing allies (slaves). This is a truly maniacal act of evil. To harness the sacred powers of life for such an act is to agree to endure the karmic punishment for this abuse. It is not trivial punishment, and spans many generations and lifetimes. Even with this concept understood, Unicorns are still slain by the sorcerers because they represent that which cannot co-exist with the great-creaking Machine to which they have tied their souls.

A New World shines rampantly through the existence of such fantastical creatures. With faerie lights emanating from the eyes and shimmering manes of the Unicorns, they pierce the veil with their gallant horns, threatening the illusion that binds new slaves to the Machine.

The opponent’s weapon of choice is no longer poison-tipped arrows and spears. They are guns that shoot silver bullets of self-doubt and loathing, desolation and despair at the certain loneliness of the path that must be walked to persevere. It is fear, oppression, entrapment, sheer overwhelm at the crushing allostatic load of the present, and disbelief in the one force that can save us all, that will ultimately kill us. Luckily for you i’m a


“One Tear at a Space-Time” ink + metallic ink + pencil with sparkles by Deer Prunus

FUCKING UNICORN, and the plan is to turn this to our advantage.

One thing remains a secret to the opposition; a long-forgotten script in the lore of Magickal texts, is the unique healing qualities of Unicorn tears. Machine! This, I say to you: “I promise you this. If you try to isolate us, and kill us with pain and sorrow, and we’ll cry you a river so Magickal it will heal the world; transmuting the horrid depths of fear into love, one tear at a space-time. We will remain strong in the face of certain death, as tears stream down our delicate equine faces making glistening trails in our wake that flowers will spring from! In each of the four seasons, you will think this makes us weak, but instead this makes us indestructible. It makes us the downfall of you, the greedy Machine! It makes us a Magickal new world, just waiting to burst onto the stage, like a nervous actor waiting for his first cue, thrilled with anticipation for the experience to come. I’m not letting this one go without a fight, even if I have to fight my whole life. Undoubtedly, I am fighting for my very survival. There are very few of us, but we are brimming with potent Magick, and that makes us strong! Against universal odds, we will persevere.” Once again, the world will be free! One. Tear. At a space-time.


  1. My adopted sister and my nephew are on the autistic spectrum, I’m highly sensitive, sharing some traits with forms of autism (response to overstimulation to name just one), some of my best friends have ADD, my betrothed and my biological sister are introverts – Neurodiversity is something quite real and we can only learn from each other. If not, we must fail. Or to use your analogy: we need to learn that not taming the unicorns is the answer but learning from them how to run free and beautifully. One comment cannot express the gratitude I felt and am still feeling. I shared your story with my sister. Keep that horn shiny and by all means use your drawings to illustrate your prose! Lots of love from Leipzig.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing! This is definitely a reach-out to my neurodiverse brethren out there, we live in a world that just wants to get us DOWN. So what should we do about it? CREATE OUR OWN WORLD WHERE NOTHING CAN GET US DOWN. Neurodiversity is something to appreciate and learn from, not to oppress and standardize. If I had one wish for the world, it would be that all people may realize the importance and the beauty behind individuality and uniqueness. So i’ll just keep doing my thing.


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