Weekly Update, 7 December

80% of pre-orders for A Beautiful Resistance have now been shipped, and we’ve already been hearing some fantastic responses from folks!

Want a copy of your own?  Can’t afford a copy? Or are a writer and would like to review a copy? Or are a retailer and would like to carry A Beautiful Resistance?  All the information is here.

And on the matter of retailers, if you’re near Seattle, you can purchase a copy from either Tenzig Momo or Left Bank Books.

Hoping to get a digital copy? We’ll have those on offer by January 1st.


The Greek Anarchist movement has always been quite inspiring, particularly in their strong response to fascist groups such as the Golden Dawn.  Here’s a good article on their history and current state.

We were also directed to this article about an anarchist infoshop battling developers in Australia.

Worried about Fascism?  You really ought to be.

What do the Dead have to do with revolution?

And bon courage to those protesting at the Cop21 in Paris despite bans.  Particular solidarity goes out to Gods&Radicals writer Jonathan Woolley (see below).

Featured Writer: Jonathan Woolley

jonathan bwAnother of the first writers to join Gods&Radicals is the witty and brilliant Jonathan Woolley.  An academic at Cambridge, an ovate with the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, and rumoured to be a bit of a heart-throb, Jonathan’s writing is both deeply intellectual and funny, while also very accessible.

One of our favorite pieces by him is his sharply witty essay, Reclaiming Narnia:

And what fate awaited such Narnians in The Last Battle? Most of them, confused and frightened, were swallowed up in a world-ending cataclysm, arising not simply from the misdeeds of the Evil Others against whom their Emperor rallied, but from the war itself. Only a precious few – “heroes”, in the eyes of the elite, and not ordinary Narnians at all – survive their world being overturned in fire and water, in time and the wrath of dragons.

The sad fate of the ordinary Narnians is what ultimately awaits us, should we allow the hegemonic forces of our world to set our discourse for us.

Jonathan also has an essay in A Beautiful Resistance, a hopeful analysis of the apparent shifts in Paganism on both sides of the Atlantic.  In it, he addresses the flawed attempts of Pagan theorists to fit Paganism into the molds of Christian-derived religious categories, topples the notion of a ‘big-tent’ and replaces it with a more organic, ‘Earthy City’ in which there are no rulers but rather a relentless throng of difference.

You can read more of Jonathan’s writing here.


Paganism, as a movement encompassing a range of very distinct religions, is ever-changing, ever-moving, ever shifting.  As such, it is as profoundly un-like a tent as you can imagine.  Instead, Paganism is much more like a spontaneous gathering of people, in a place open to the elements–a crowd, a throng, a rally, a carnival.

–Jonathan Woolley, The Matter of The Gods, in

A Beautiful Resistance


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  1. Slightly worried about which address you’ve got for my order of the journal; I can’t remember if I’d updated my PayPal details by the time I ordered it, or not. I’m really looking forward to reading A Beautiful Resistance though.

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