Upon a Far Border…

Lady Liberty listens
to the Cries of every mile
traversed in danger, in Rags
begging for shelter from
eagles delivering cargoes of death
Of sharp wires and frightened hearts –
for She will bring no comfort tonight

She is Trapped;
huddled on borders, freezing in the cold north winds,
pummeled by fierce seas in rubber boats

while in the distance

fat men with greasy mouths
befoul Her with curses and blind hatred
Fear gobbles up all reason;
Her compassion is choked out
Her open arms bound
Her Lamp extinguished
So Black Friday sales can commence and
Bounty – Her gift
can be horded under covers of ‘family’ and ‘faith’.

She will shed tears for what once was
a nation that valued Her Words
enshrined at Her Feet
a Pledge broken, an Oath shattered

Lady Liberty will remember this day
She will recall the denial of Her Promise
and someday, at some point
When She is needed

She will slip into the Shadow of Myth and
leave those who had left Her
on those fields and tides of blood so very far away.


B.B.Blank July 2015 - resizedB. B. Blank is a Reclaiming Witch and Rainbow Family hippie who has been active in pagan politics and community activism since 1983. He currently serves as Elder Caretaker for Ma’at’s Temple of south central Kansas, an open circle pagan community located in Wichita, Kansas.

2 thoughts on “Upon a Far Border…

  1. A lot of truth in that poem. However each of us has the ability to breath some life back into the promise and to personally live by her ideals. If enough of us do it, not even the powerful, and greedy can stop us. Our weakness is only that we have allowed them to make us believe that we are helpless, so that the effort to change anything is thought to accomplish nothing. No leader survives unless he has followers, and mindless follower give him total control. We neither need to be leaders, or followers, but we can go our own way. While we are mortal, and easily killed, we can launch ideas that like forgotten land mines from past wars can suddenly explode decades and generations down the line. Remember that power, and express and launch the greatest and most loved of you ideas. Even if we die, we must keep our alleged masters more than a bit nervous and uncomfortable. That is our duty as free men and women. Remember that I said launch your best ideas, after all mine could be wrong, so judge for yourself always.

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