Crafted Recordings Podcast Episode 4: Dreams, Enchantment, & Living Magically

“In an age where we are confounded with rampant materialism, where our lives seem dictated to us by machines and prior programs, what does it mean to live magically?

You and I exist in a world beyond the divine right of kings. For hundreds of years, just wearing a crown made you someone chosen by God, and here we are, us moderns, looking at something like that and thinking, hmm, what an anachronism. Where do you think that came from? Do you think people just woke up one day and said, “well, you know, kings, fuck em.” No. It took people thinking magically. It took people imagining a world beyond…. and not knowing how it was going to manifest itself. Isn’t that what we do?”
–Dr. Bones

You can also download an mp3 directly if you prefer. This podcast ©2015 Crafted Recordings. Some Rights Reserved (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

Episode 4 begins with the sound of my favorite natural spring in the world, and it flows throughout this episode. Music is provided by Eddy Dyer, recorded at a recent benefit concert in Maine. Eddy’s guitar graces most of this episode, and he plays a medley of “Under The City” (music by Jimmy Otis, lyrics by Eddy Dyer), followed by a Cure cover, “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep” (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Tolhurst/Williams).

“Under the city lies a world beyond the pale
There is no sacred thing on this side of the veil
Under the city I’ll be hiding from the drones
Preaching my visions on a rusty megaphone”

In addition, we have a sermon from Dr. Bones, and a meditation on Dreams, Enchantment, and Living Magically from C.S. Thompson.

“This is the difference between being an enchanter, and being a person who is under an enchantment. We tend to think of the world around us as being disenchanted because we’ve been enchanted to think that way.”
–C.S. Thompson

Thanks to the spirits of the spring for their song, to Eddy for his enchantment, and to Dr Bones & C.S. Thompson for their wisdom.

This podcast ©2015 Crafted Recordings. Some Rights Reserved (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

2 thoughts on “Crafted Recordings Podcast Episode 4: Dreams, Enchantment, & Living Magically

  1. I understand what was intended by using a megaphone in the beginning, but I cannot understand most of it (my englisch is quite well, still it hurts my ears, I have to be honest. it’s the sound itself, not the words I’m trying to hear) and again I have to ask for a transcript for the first part. Thank you so much!


    1. Thanks for listening….. I understand….. we are working on upgrading the audio quality on Dr Bones’ contributions. It’s more challenging with stuff I don’t record myself. Not everyone is an audiogeek. 🙂 For this episode I made things clearer, with softer background music to maximize intelligibility.

      Incidentally, if anyone wishes to contribute a transcript I will happily post it.

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