Weekly Update, 20 December

Hey!  Happy Solstice!!

Response to our first print-run of A Beautiful ResistanceEverything We Already Are has been so overwhelming that we sold out our initial print-run! A second printing has been ordered, don’t worry!

We have a small list of retailers on the west coast of the United States currently stocked with print versions. In Oakland, you can pick it up at Ancient Ways. In Portland Oregon, Reading Frenzy now carries A Beautiful Resistance.  In Olympia, Washington, you can find copies at Last Word Books. And in Seattle, Left Bank Books and Tenzig Momo.

In case you missed it, Jonathan Woolley’s excellent piece from the journal, The Matter of The Gods, was posted here a few days ago.  And you can also read Rhyd Wildermuth’s piece, An Apparently Impossible Problem. We’ll be posting at least one more essay from A Beautiful Resistance here.

By the way, a digital version of A Beautiful Resistance is now also available.

More publications are coming, too.  We’re eagerly awaiting the delivery of the expanded print-version of A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer, by Alley Valkyrie & Rhyd Wildermuth.  The call for submissions for the second issue of A Beautiful Resistance will be announced soon.  And Gods&Radicals will begin publishing books in 2016–more on that soon!


Sarenth Odinsson has written a wonderful series on A Polytheist Response to Convenience, Consumption, and Peak Oil.

At The Wild Hunt, Heathen Chinese explores War, magic, and the gods.

And anarchist writer Margaret Killjoy has written a rather fantastic short story about self-driving cars over at Vice.

Featured Writer: Kadmus

Several academics writer for Gods&Radicals, including ceremonial magician and professor of philosophy, Kadmus.

While Pagan thought in the ancient world produced deep works of philosophical and political theory, Modern Paganism has for too long ignored this powerful legacy. Writers like Kadmus, however, have re-invigorated this current, and Kadmus turns his brilliant mind towards universal questions for which Paganism can provide an important tool.

In Nature’s Rights, his piece for A Beautiful Resistance, Kadmus unravels all our modern conceptions of rights and proposes a radical–yet simple–framework for understanding our way of relating to each other.

And in his most recent piece on Gods&Radicals, Magic Is The Revolution, he looks at the history of magic in relation to Authority and empire:

…likely one reason why the trickster archetype in paganism gets so much attention, it clearly sets off pagan religions from the more authoritarian cosmic tyrannies found in monotheism.

Despite this, Prometheus still ends up bound and there can be no doubt the image of Zeus and Jupiter lent force to the authoritarian political factions throughout Greece and Rome. In similar ways the glorification of power and might within elements of pagan mythology partially accounts for the abhorrent occurrence of nationalist, fascist, and racist cooption of paganism. Whether in Olympus, Asgard, or the court of Math Mathonwy all is not well.

More of Kadmus’ writing on Gods&Radicals can be found here, and he also blogs here.


The true solution to the iniquity of Empire is not to choose an Emperor-God over a line of God-Emperors, but to dispense with the throne upon which both would sit.

-Jonathan Woolley, The Matter of The Gods

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