Call For Submissions: A Beautiful Resistance (#2)

Soon on the heels of the wild success of our first issue of A Beautiful Resistance: Everything We Already Are, we’re pleased to announce the call for submissions for out second issue!

A Beautiful Resistance (#1): Everything We Already Are brought Pagans together around Samhain’s dark fires to identify the horrors of capitalism and share hopes of liberation. The songs we forgot were sung. Capitalism was confronted in the winter of our world. We revealed ways of manifesting the unseen, opposed joy to the machine and discussed apocalypse and everything after. The issue ended with a call to ‘create the world we want now’.

A Beautiful Resistance #2 will be published at Beltane. As last year’s seeds burst through capitalism’s cracked pavements and voices of our radical ancestors rise with the energy of our greening land and wild gods, we seek to build on the work of issue #1. Our second issue of A Beautiful Resistance will be curated & edited by poet, author, and awenydd Lorna Smithers.

About the Editor

Lorna Smithers is a Brythonic polytheist and devotee of Gwyn ap Nudd walking the road to awe between the islands of Britain and Annwn and leaving signposts in the mist along the way.

In his review of her recent collection, Enchanting the Shadowlands, Gods&Radicals editor Rhyd Wildermuth described Lorna’s mystic vision this way:

Like the unlooked-for lover, the sudden gasp of sunlight which makes you forget what you were on about, the unscheduled adventure or the almost rude rising of a massive moon looming over your mundane thoughts, Lorna’s writing always catches you off-guard, unprotected, disarmed, flailing, tripping into candle light where you’d thought you’d find florescence….


…You aren’t where you thought you were, time rips open, the dead come pouring out, laughing or wailing or passing silently.  You’re in the memory not just of a poet, but of a land itself, ages intersecting at the crossroads of you.

We’re thrilled she’s agreed to edit the second issue!

The deadline for submitting to the second issue is March 1st, and we’ve updated our submissions guidelines here.

Be well and resist beautifully!

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