Weekly Update, 5 January

Hello! Hope your new year’s fantastic.

We recently put out the call for submissions for the next issue of A Beautiful Resistance and announced our excitement at the selection of the next editor for the journal, Lorna Smithers.  We look forward to your submissions!

Shipping update: we are still waiting for the arrival of the second printing of A Beautiful Resistance: Everything We Already Are.  Printer delays are currently affecting UK readers (we’ve been assured they’ll arrive soon) as well as the print copy of A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer.


Speaking of A Beautiful Resistance, John Beckett has this review.

Overwhelmed by the fear of a bleak future? Lupa Greenwolf has some words that may help.

“What about those of us who aren’t safe within four walls? What about those of us for whom a tent is our home?” From Alley Valkyrie, an contemplation on the perseverance of memory.

And also at The Wild Hunt, Gods&Radicals editor Rhyd Wildermuth contemplates Bastard Children of a Slaughter Empire.

Featured Author: Lia Hunter

One of the many Gods&Radicals writers who’s work also appears in A Beautiful Resistance: Everything We Already Are is Lia Hunter.

Lia is an awenydd who’s work evokes a plain, wise and profoundly poetic voice against oppression and destruction, calling the reader into the world that is and world that could be.

From The Enchanted, published in A Beautiful Resistance and also here:

We are the enchanted, who will answer the call of justice and of healing, and re-enchant the world, singing up reconnection and dancing up a real future. We have the magic – will and intention, the calling and the help of truth. Let us be the good ancestors who take up these Witches’ brooms, Druids’ sickles, and Heathens’ hammers to clear away, to build, and to relight the sacred flame at the heart of the world.


From her bio:

Lia Hunter is a student of anthropology and philosophy, lover of learning and homeschooling mother.  She grew up in a conservative Christian cult and had to learn critical thinking the hard way, now values it highly, and looks behind all the cultural curtains. She came home to Paganism in 2000 and blogs at SageWoman blogs (The Tangled Hedge) and her personal spirituality blog (Awenydd of the Mountains).

You can read more of Lia’s writing here.


No General but Ludd

Did the poor any good


anonymous Luddite slogan

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