This Day I Walk Among the Ruined

“I’m scared” muttered the country club trainer.
Like a careless serve, volley underhanded
a violent act had been lobbed into his home court.
It bounced back as crimson insults to another’s faith
arose under his breath
propelling his fear onward –
that tore through civility as easily as ‘Fire!’ in a crowded room.
Now he crouches behind the couch in his gated community
and the formerly unfamiliar smell of
gunpowder and gleaming metal inflaming his nostrils with
This sanitized savagery.

“I’m not sacred” muttered the over competent gamer.
He’s run through the numbers, the kills confident in his thumbs
It was just a game, always a game
On line or in real time
Some alien monstrosity or turbaned Mustapha
1’s and 0’s removed from reality
but not for much longer. This enemy was
just down the street and
no match for the arsonist’s arrival –
the swift pronouncements preceded by
Pig’s heads and viral attacks leading to
This sanitized savagery.

“I can scare them” muttered the over combed suit.
Stepping out from private jet authority
a jackbooted microphone
smelling and amplifying some person’s pain he had never felt,
loss he would never encounter.
Polls back his boisterous sentiment as press paparazzi spill ink
fast as the bullet casings littering the new lifeless
A sound bite seig heil, a stampede to judgment
and gun show sales offering
This sanitized savagery.

This day I walk among the Ruined
The God/dess & I don’t have to journey far to see the gnawing fear
while S/he whispers to me “I’ve lived through these times before.
Dynamited temples alongside mass graves – my children
of Ishtar/Al-Uzza/Al’lat – buried and stoned
…but they cannot be forgotten – I will not remain silent.”

This day We walk among the Ruined
Standing with our marginalized Others
We will Speak Up, we will Stand Against the
Rusting Cogs and its near-frantic search for larger televisions,
the latest films, drugs, cop shootings, elections
all to achieve a complete disconnect from
and run into the arms of
This sanitized savagery.

B.B. Blank

B.B.Blank July 2015 - resizedB. B. Blank is a Reclaiming Witch and Rainbow Family hippie who has been active in pagan politics and community activism since 1983. He currently serves as Elder Caretaker for Ma’at’s Temple of south central Kansas, an open circle pagan community located in Wichita, Kansas

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