Weekly Update: 19 January

We’re happy to announce that the second printing of A Beautiful Resistance–Everything We Already Are arrived.  Thanks to the collaborative efforts of some kind friends (tea and Thai Curry notwithstanding), all orders will be fulfilled today.

Want to submit a piece for the next issue? All the information is here.  Pre-ordering information will be announced in March.

Also, a print copy of A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer will soon go on sale once the final proof is checked.  Look for more information on that in a few weeks!


Following the water crisis in Flint, Michigan? Remember the Detroit water crisis?  You may be interested to know the same person responsible for the Flint problem is now the manager of schools in Detroit (which had its own water crisis).   And don’t forget that Dublin has experience similar government-caused water problems.

Stephen McNallen, the racist leader of the Asatru Folk Assembly has escalated his anti-muslim and Nationalist rhetoric.  We stand behind this call to keep racism, nationalism, and fascism out of the Northern Religions.

Heathen Chinese has written an essay about the magic of  Jean Genet, the French gay radical who supported the Black Panthers.

And Druid John Beckett tells of his experience in ‘Corporate Mindfulness seminars.”

Featured Writer: Heathen Chinese

Author Heathen Chinese has written three pieces for Gods&Radicals, one of which also appears in A Beautiful Resistance–Everything We Already Are.

In an interview by Accipiter Nisus he says the following regarding anti-capitalism, the gods, and the dead:

The most intense moments of revolt I’ve seen have been uprisings in the names of the Dead, specifically people of color killed by the police. While it is tempting to declare in hindsight that anti-capitalists should seized those opportunities and acted more boldly to challenge all repressive, recuperative and reformist attempts to suppress those moments, “Riding seems easy to every warrior while he is indoors/and very courageous to him who traverses the high-roads/on the back of a stout horse.” Though what Walter Benjamin called the “memory” of revolt may be possible to take control of on a microcosmic level “as it flashes in a moment of danger,” the macrocosmic is, as far I as I can tell, in the hands of the Gods. If we’re to place faith in a “historical subject,” we’re in the realm of religion anyways.

His piece “Are The Gods on Our Side?” was reprinted in A Beautiful Resistance: Everything We Already Are, and he also writes a regular monthly column for The Wild Hunt.

More of his writing on Gods&Radicals can be found here, and his occasional blog is located here.


The evils of capitalism are as real as the evils of militarism and evils of racism.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

One thought on “Weekly Update: 19 January

  1. Looking forward to finding A Beautiful Resistance in my mail soon. But, authors and editors, PLEASE proofread your articles before publishing.


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