Weekly Update: January 24


G&R News and Updates

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The Call For Submissions for the second issue of A Beautiful Resistance is open until March 1st.

You can still purchase copies of the first issue, “Everything We Already Are,” here.

Lots of Gods&Radicals writers are published authors.  We’ve compiled a selection of their books and ways to purchase them here (also accessible through the search bar), and we’ll constantly update this list.

Also, we’ve had many requests from readers for other resources.  We’ve updated our original resource list (it’s here, or in the search bar), and we’ll continuously update it, as well.


Much of the east coast of the United States is experiencing a blizzard. The Jacobin asks the question what Snows Day Under Socialism might look like.  It’s a great article for all those who have trouble imagining what a non-Capitalist urban environment might look like.

Gods&Radicals writer Dr. Bones was interviewed on Free Radical Media. Give it a listen! (and thanks for the shout-out!!!)

At The Wild Hunt, Liz Cruse echoes Jonathan Woolley’s question regarding Pagan presence (or the severe lack thereof) in environmental activism in her essay, Ritual as Action, Action As Ritual.

Is Gods&Radicals anti-technology? Here’s a thoughtful critique of A Beautiful Resistance from Grimnirs_child, as well as a response from editor Rhyd Wildermuth

Writer Highlight: Dr. Bones

Is there a contradiction in Marxist Conjure? Or Communist Hoodoo?  Meet Dr. Bones, one of our newer–and more prolific writers.   As well-versed in Marxist and Critical Theory as he is in spirit-work and the occult, Dr. Bones writes confidently (and engagingly) on current events, modern history, and the tangled threads of state power and magic.

From his essay, Folk Magick As Insurrection:

What else is magic but the metaphysical embodiment of Anarchism, of politics on a spiritual plane? That YOU could defy the laws of the “Lord” and make new arrangements for yourself, that YOU could gain insights and knowledge beyond your “station” in life, that YOU needn’t wait for someone to save you because you were going to save YOURSELF? Isn’t that what Sorcery is all about? Wasn’t it a battle against the dragon Zarathustra spoke about, the one that must be defeated, that must be slain?

Dr. Bones has also been featured in Crafted Recordings podcast and is a regular writer at Disinfo You can find his writing at Gods&Radicals here, and follow his page here.



You cannot buy the revolution.
You cannot make the revolution.
You can only be the revolution.
It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.

–Ursula K. Le Guin



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