A Beautiful Resistance, #2!

After the wild success of A Beautiful Resistance: Everything We Already Are, we’re pleased to announce information about our second issue.

This edition of the Gods&Radicals journal is being edited by Lorna Smithers, an awenydd, Brythonic polytheist and devotee of Gwyn ap Nudd, She’s a Lancashire poet and author of Enchanting The Shadowlands, and her work has been featured in many collections, as well as on her blog and here at Gods&Radicals.  In addition, her piece “Devil’s Bagpipes on Stoneygate” was featured in the first issue of A Beautiful Resistance.

We’re also happy to announce that Emma Restall Orr has agreed to foreword this issue.  Emma Restall Orr is an English animist, anarchist and mystic, ever challenging the complacency of the Western mind, author of the pagan ethics ‘Living with Honour’, the animist metaphysics ‘The Wakeful World’, and other texts.

A Beautiful Resistance will enter the world on Beltane, 2016.

We are happy to offer a Pre-Sale discount from the cover price.  Pre-sales help determine our initial print-run, as well as helping us pay the editor, copy-editors, and cover artist ahead of the initial sale.

We are now also able to offer subscriptions and purchases to European Union readers, as well as those in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.  Rates and information about ordering can be found here.

We are also happy to accept Underwriters for this issue.


Gods&Radicals is a non-profit, anti-capitalist pagan publisher registered in the state of Washington and currently in application for tax-exempt status.  Our only revenue comes from sales of our publications and kind donations from the community.

We would love your help.

Underwriting an issue of A Beautiful Resistance would go a long way to help keep our per-issue cost low, as well as helping us compensate writers, copy-editors, and each Journal editor for their work.

We’re happy to accept donations in any amount. Underwriters who donate $50 (US) or more can choose to have their name listed on a special gratitude page of the upcoming journal to thank them for their support.

Underwriters who donate $100 or more can also choose to receive a perpetual subscription to A Beautiful Resistance

The deadline to become an Underwriter of the second issue of A Beautiful Resistance is April 1st.

To donate any amount or to become an underwriter, follow this link. And thank you!

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