“My Body Is Not Acreage” (weekly update)

We are currently in the selection and editing process of the next journal!  In case you missed our announcement, Emma Restall Orr will be forewording this next issue, and Lorna Smithers will be the editor.

Information for ordering, subscribing to, and underwriting this next issue is here.

In the next few weeks, we’ll unveil the cover art and the final line up of contributors for this issue.

And on the site, we’ll soon have several book reviews coming up, including one of Star.Ships by Gordon White and The Incomplete, True, Authentic and Wonderful History of May Day by Peter Linebaugh.

Certainty, Coincidence, and the search for Authority

Several pieces of Pagan writing address the questions related to where we derive authority for knowledge as well as how we explain our experiences.  While mass media asserts a stranglehold upon the symbolic realm and Patriarchal and Capitalist histories exclude vast ranges of experience, what should we make of the power-relations involved in creating meaning?

First on this topic, we recommend this piece by Paul Kingsnorth (of Dark Mountain) on an alternative possibility of the Green Man’s identity.

From Alley Valkyrie on The Wild Hunt, a long-read piece called “To Crave The Luxuries of Coincidence.”

Also on The Wild Hunt, Gods&Radicals editor speaks to questioning other peoples certainties about the gods in Something Wet Came Padding In.”

And at Patheos, John Halstead questions the reliance on the authority of dictionaries and the war over the ‘true meaning’ of words.

Writer Highlight: Hunter Hall

gloriaHunter Hall is both a writer at Gods&Radicals as well as the newest addition to the board of the non-profit which runs this site.  A ferocious poet seen late last century lurking black-hooded about the rainy streets of Seattle. Reading Deleuze&Guattari while slinging brutal mochas, channeling serpents and raw riot through her spoken-word performances, she now lurks somewhere in the Salish Sea, plotting revolution while baking for her children.

Her poem, All Hail The Runners, is a beautiful paean to those who have the courage to escape abuse:

I ran so fast

my lips blistered and my skin cracked

while your howls followed me

for years and years

proclaiming your love hate and ownership of me

attempting to reassert your control,

to claim your land.

My body is not acreage


These men of desire – or do they not yet exist? – are like Zarathustra. They know incredible sufferings, vertigos, and sicknesses. They have their spectres. They must reinvent each gesture. But such a man produces himself as a free-man, irresponsible, solitary, joyous, finally able to say and do something simple in his own name, without asking permission; a desire lacking nothing, a flux that overcomes barriers and codes, a name that no longer designates any ego whatever.

He has simply ceased being afraid of becoming mad. He experiences and lives himself as the sublime sickness that will no longer affect him.

Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, “Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia”


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