How Goes the War? Taking Stock and Initiating New Magick for Change

How goes the war, witches and magicians?

I think that since September 2015 it’s going rather well.  There have been a lot of interesting shifts in the way things are going in the world.  For one thing, in October, the Liberal Party of Canada, headed by Justin Trudeau, finally toppled the Conservative Harper Regime, which was well on its way to transforming Canada from its social democratic roots into a Corporatist paradise.  Those who support an anti-capitalist (or anti-corporatist) viewpoint can’t be as happy with that as we would be about an NDP victory in Canada, but it’s definitely an improvement.

For another thing, the American Presidential primaries have never been so interesting!  It’s fascinating to see how Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist who’s been speaking from the same place since the 1960s is suddenly a serious contender for the Democratic nomination.  Not that you’d ever know this if you only followed the mainstream media!  Their deliberately misleading coverage in their desperate desire to preserve the status quo has been even more interesting, and it inspired my last article.

But it’s a truth that in magick one must be especially careful of what one wants to accomplish, because you may end up with unintended consequences. Donald Trump may be one of those unintended consequences.  Those of us working magick for change were not very specific about what form the change should take, were we?  Clearly Trump is setting out to destroy the modern Republican party, which is clearly either our foe or a powerful ally thereof, but perhaps the cure is worse than the disease.  It scares me a little that Americans seem ready to elect the 21st century equivalent of Mussolini.

So what’s to be done?  Well, perhaps more magick is called for.  Nature abhors a vacuum, and when you use magick to break down, you must also use magick to build up.

So it’s time now, I think, to call upon the growing and healing spirits of transformation.  With spring (and March 15) just around the corner, it’s time to call upon that energy of renewal.  When the system comes apart, what will replace it?  Let’s all lend our energy to the United States right now, where much of the world’s future is about to be decided (like it or not,) and then let’s spread that power out into our own lands:

Statue of Liberty of New York by Axelle B (public domain image).

Use whatever your usual procedures are to enter into a Journeyworking (spirit travel.)

Visualize a bald eagle flying high over the land.  See it flying high above you, searching.  It cries as it finds what it seeks and it lands on the shoulder of Lady Liberty, who is bearing Her torch of freedom.  She smiles and nods Her greeting to you.

Who is Lady Liberty?  Is She just a symbol, a statue?  Or is She something more?  She bears a strong resemblance to Athena to me.  I think perhaps She is a new goddess.  And as an American goddess, the fate of Americans matters to Her.

Ask Her to lend Her support to those working for the cause of liberty, freedom, and justice in the upcoming Presidential election process.  Ask Her to withdraw Her support from those who are not working in the interests of those causes.  Ask Her not to take a side in personal political preferences, but to keep in mind the personal motivations of candidates that we cannot see and the long-term consequences that we may not be able to predict.

If you, like me, are not an American, then reach out to impress upon Lady Liberty how the American Empire affects the entire world, and why we who are not U.S. citizens care about the future of American politics.

As when dealing with the Wild Hunt, be aware Lady Liberty may ask you to perform a task in return.  Listen for guidance.  If you are willing to agree to the task, do so.

Visualize the torch of freedom illuminating those who are doing the work of freedom with a glowing spotlight or halo.  Hear their words being amplified to spread to those who need to hear it.  See that light spreading out over the United States, and then the whole world.  And where it touches the yokes of the ones who would enslave us, let those yokes be burnt to a crisp.

The eagle takes flight over the illuminated landscape and lets out a cry of joy.  Lady Liberty smiles.

Return to your body and make whatever offering you feel is appropriate.

And let’s cross our fingers!

* I deferred my intended subject for the next article because I felt that this was a little more urgent.  My article on the pitfalls of internet media will follow next week.

Sable Aradia

Sable Aradia Author 1I have been a practicing Witch for more than 20 years, and an active organizer and facilitator in the Pagan community since 1993. I am a third degree initiate in the Star Sapphire and Pagans for Peace traditions, and an ordained Priestess and recognized Religious Representative in the Congregationalist Wiccan Association of British Columbia. I was the first Local Coordinator in the Okanagan Valley for the Pagan Pride Project. I am a practicing herbalist (Dominion Herbal College) and a Reiki Master/Teacher.

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9 thoughts on “How Goes the War? Taking Stock and Initiating New Magick for Change

  1. Lady Liberty as a new Goddess is a great concept Sable!

    Trump probably can’t pull off an American Mussolini, but he might pull of the equivalent of an American Andrew Jackson. I think that is the hope of those voting for him. Check out this post: The similarities are eerie.

    What I have been urging people to do is to look past the candidate to why people are so anti-establishment. We might not like the figurehead, but what we are seeing is truly a revolution at the ballot box rather than with guns. We are a long way from the latter, I hope. So many people feel both parties have betrayed them. If Trump loses at a brokered convention (most likely scenario if both Cruz and Rubio stay in the race) that will just add fuel to the fire – and it could turn ugly. There is a revolution in process, yet anti-establishment people seem afraid of it.

    What could all this mean for readers of this site? I’ve said this before – the failure of a corrupt Republic often leads to something more tyrannical (18th-19th century France being the obvious example). It is part of the revolutionary process. A Trump candidacy has the potential to destroy both American political parties – the question needs to be asked, what will follow? We should be directing our magic toward what kind of Phoenix arises from the ashes!

    Doing so, we have to ask “why are Americans so angry at their government right now?” What went wrong? Can it be fixed? Should it be?


  2. I’m not sold on constructing a new goddess. On the one hand, the statue is inextricably entwined with the proposed goddess, and already serves as an icon with a strong history of general belief as to the values it represents. It was conceived in an act of goodwill and carries the associated legacy. That’s 130 years of positive momentum. On the other hand, the statue sits at a site that has a muddy spiritual and psychic history and one that is arguably one of the most chaotic in history, hosting as it has millions of people whose lives were in a state of massive flux. That sort of chaos is not inherently negative, but it is disruptive to the identity of a fledgling spiritual construct. Spiritual constructs are not bound to obey their creators, so I’d be concerned about the overall effectiveness of the effort given we may have the divine equivalent of an angsty teenager if we succeed.

    So, yeah – a new goddess in the modern world presents a lot of challenges, and I think we’d be over-reaching without establishing consensus within the wider community. It’s the sort of thing that takes thousands, acting in unison over decades in order to establish appropriate tradition, ceremony and dogma. Meanwhile the old gods are there already. It’s better I think to say those things that matter to them, instead – to invite intercession in the ways you hope for.


    1. I see your point, but from an outsider’s perspective, I think your new American goddess is here already. I don’t think we’re creating anything; just acknowledging that She’s more than just a statue. And as Laine DeLaney has already pointed out, the ground-work was already laid because She was supposed to resemble Libertas. “New” is relative when it comes to deities anyway; Lady Liberty has been with us for more than a century.

      I’m also inclined to believe that the foment of a cultural consciousness is what creates thought-forms that become part of myth, and so it is logical that such a figure would be created in one of the places in which it is most needed.

      I’m afraid that I don’t share your opinion that “appropriate tradition, ceremony and dogma” are necessary, though of course the egregor they create do help! But if that were true, modern people would not be able to relate to Them at all, and They would not relate to modern people. (I promise I’ll flesh out this thesis in a column on my Patheos blog later; it’s something I should probably write about, but this isn’t the forum for it and I don’t want to hijack the conversation with that debate). I do believe that established ritual and symbolism are essential, but I think Lady Liberty clearly has all that.

      You’re right that the Old Gods are already here, but could any group of Americans agree on which one to call upon? The magick I am counselling is drawn from the techniques refined by Dion Fortune to get a large group of people to focus on an idea in order to affect change. Such an idea has to have a simple representation, but it also needs a mythological resonance that speaks to an entire group of people on a visceral level. It also needs to, I think, embody the concept and energy being drawn upon.

      Lady Liberty is a symbol of modern democracy, passed like Her own torch from France, where the idea was born, to the United States, where the idea first took root. I am sure that She, in no small part, had something to do with that. Now, that democracy, and the spirit of its creation, is in trouble. We all know that it has been completely hijacked by people who have corrupted what it was supposed to be, in any place in the world that it supposedly exists. That’s why we’re all here, isn’t it? So I’m asking people to go to the spirit of that democracy and ask Her to help the world remember what She was supposed to stand for.

      But by all means if you’d rather go talk to one of the Gods that has a couple thousand years of history, I don’t see how that can hurt in the least! The Greek and Roman gods are no strangers to the idea of democracy, and I know Their modern incarnations no longer limit whom it should apply to; though I think that They do maintain a bit of that Imperialism of the Ancient World. I have called upon Athena for such purposes before (the Canadian federal election, and I didn’t quite get the result I wanted but I did effectively get the result I asked for.) Libertas Herself, perhaps too. Just please don’t call upon deities that don’t understand the polis, because I think that this is part of the reason why things are so chaotic right now. The Wild Gods understand that the system needs to be broken because it is corrupt, but They don’t understand that we do need to have something in its place. (At least in a damaged world with so many people in it we do. For now, anyway.)


  3. I dunno, seems a bit careless to me. If “Lady Liberty” is a goddess borne of the US thought-pool then why expect her to be other than that from which she has arisen. The US has a thirst for dominion, money and power, all of which would seem to be embodied in Trumpies person. She’d be jealous too, I’d bet.


  4. I think Columbia (who sits above the Capitol building) may also be a great source of untapped power if we were to learn about her history and her story. She is also known as the Statute of Freedom, and her design suggests she may be based on an Indigenous woman. If we’re worlding a new divine one, my interactions with her have been good, but much of my work centers on Indigenous land and sovereignty issues. But let’s consider the difference between invoking a being that sits on Ellis Island (immigrants and immigration) and one that sits over the Capitol (the seat of legislative power, and part of a constitutional system based loosely on the Haudenosonee Great Law of Peace). Maybe we want to invite both to the table.


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