For the Peacock

Peacock Angel, Your black eyes
span depth and breadth of myriad
worlds. Serpents entwine, enmity
and intimacy, in Your dark heart.
You guide crisis to stasis, disturb
the peace that silences opposition.

Divine Adversary, because of You
the menacing blade cuts the bindings,
the battering ram breaks the prison,
the concealed poison cures disease,
the hateful curse redeems the heart.

Spirit of Sorrow and Dancing, bring
worthy opposition to righteousness.
Save us from too much moral certainty.
Teach compassion for what we despise.
For in shadow dwells the hearth,
and in virtue the cruelest tyrant.


Anthony Rella

09LowResAnthony Rella is a witch, writer, and therapist living in Seattle, Washington. Anthony is a student and mentor of Morningstar Mystery School, and has studied and practiced witchcraft since starting in the Reclaiming tradition in 2005. Professionally, he is a psychotherapist working full-time for a community health agency and part-time in private practice.

(Peacock image CC BY-SA 3.0 By  LOKE SENG HON )



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