No Pasarán! (Weekly update, 25 March)

We are pleased to announce we’ve selected the contributors for the next issue of A Beautiful Resistance, and also have a name for it!

A Beautiful Resistance: The Fire Is Here is our exciting follow up to A Beautiful Resistance: Everything We Already Are. Edited by awenydd Lorna Smithers, foreworded by animist and anarchist Emma Restall Orr, it features the writing and artwork of:

Lorna Smithers
Nina George
Alley Valkyrie
Lauren Lockhart
Joe DiCicco
Nimue Brown
Yvonne Aburrow
Dutch Pagan
Pegi Eyers
Lia Hunter
Loïs Cordelia
Geraldine Moorkens Byrne
Hunter Hall
Rhyd Wildermuth
Brianna Bliss
Simcha Bensefis
Nicolas Guy Williams
Sean Donahue
William A. Young & Hanne T. Fisker
Gordon MacLellan
Catriona McDonald
Dr Bones
Runic John
Heathen Chinese
Christopher Scott Thompson
 Sophia Burns

We’ll release the cover image soon, and have additional information for reviewers, retailers, and those who would like to get a copy but are unable to afford it.  And there’s still time to subscribe or pre-order, though the deadline for underwriting is 1 April!


Several Gods&Radicals authors will be presenting at Many Gods West, a polytheist conference in Olympia, Washington, including: Syren Nagakyrie, Sophia Burns, Crystal Blanton, Sean Donahue, Rhyd Wildermuth, Alley Valkyrie, & Ryan Smith.

Also, Alley Valkyrie and Rhyd Wildermuth, the co-founders of Gods&Radicals and authors of A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer will be traveling to Europe in May and June. Gods&Radicals hopes to organise a reading and release party for A Beautiful Resistance: Bound In Fire in the UK while they are there, as well as a few in the United States. When dates are scheduled, they’ll be announced here.

While our managing editor is in Europe, Linda Boeckhout, Fjothr Lokakvan, and James Lindenschmidt have kindly agreed to take on site editor roles. Our deepest thanks to you three!

We’re sad to learn that Lillith’s Lantern has ended after 13 years.

And we’ve added a new resource page for those looking for more information about the New Right and Esoteric Fascism, and Gods&Radicals’ response.

Glossary: Metapolitics

A way of expressing and enacting political goals through cultural, spiritual, and societal change, rather than overt politics.

First expounded by Antonio Gramsci (a leftist) but later fully adopted by the New Right, metapolitics is founded upon the idea that political change cannot occur until a culture is first created which lays the groundwork for political power.

The founder of the New Right, Alain de Benoist, describes the strategy this way:

For this reason we chose a metapolitical strategy that, according to Gramsci’s teachings, allows us to gain cultural power before political power, which does not exclude that in the near future someone could bring our cultural programs to a more political plane.

A common part of this strategy is to claim that a New Right/Fascist-influenced idea is ‘apolitical’ because it is spiritual or religious (as in many metapolitical discussions of Reconstruction, Polytheism, and Occult theories) or cultural (as is seen in many Heathen, Asatru, and European Identity arguments, as well as New Right infiltration into Neo-Folk and other artistic movements).

Such a position allows the New Right to ‘hide’ behind the appearance of apoliticism while following a covert political program through cultural or spiritual activities.

To understand metapolitics, one need only look at the relationship of the supposedly apolitical cultural and spiritual ideas of the ‘Aryan Race’ and ‘the Volk’ to the political goals of Nazi Germany. The latter could not be fully accomplished without the foundation of the (metapolitical) former.


The one thing with writing stories about the rise of fascism is that if you wait long enough, you’ll almost certainly be proved right. Fascism is like a hydra – you can cut off its head in the Germany of the ’30s and ’40s, but it’ll still turn up on your back doorstep in a slightly altered guise.
–Alan Moore

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