Weekly Update: 8 May

Greetings, fellow travelers.

beautifulfirefrontcover It’s feeling unseasonably summer-like here in parts of the northern hemisphere, but the calendar says we’re only halfway through spring.

The calendar also says we have pieces coming up this week from Rhyd Wildermuth, Fjothr Lokakvan, and Yvonne Aburrow.

And now is also a good time to order copies of A Beautiful Resistance #2: The Fire is Here.


At The Wild Hunt, Alley Valkyrie shares a piece about connections to ancestors and place and home in “Familial Spirits and Old Furniture.”

The Oregonian has two recent articles that may be of interest: “Methodists may be model for how to remain United despite differences,” which describes the decision-making structure of the Methodist church, and different perspectives of people within the church about how they see strong moral differences working out – or not. The second article,  “Pagans find belonging in blossoming congregation,” describes the Columbia Grove, ADF’s work in the Portland, Oregon, area.

Lastly, a sampling of articles about using the right technology and design for people and place:

Speaking of the earth and offerings, consider the following as it relates to the practice of reciprocity:

ecology: the relationships between a group of living things and their environment (one of the definitions from Merriam-Webster)



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