Weekly Update: July 10

This week we will bring you a new installment in Rhyd Wildermuth’s series on the end of Liberal Democracy.  Sable Aradia will follow with “Privilege Decoded”. Christopher Scott Thompson will bring us his poem “Prayer to the Storm God in a Time of Conflict” and Heathen Chinese brings the week to a close with his essay “To Make the Voice of the Criminal Audible”. As always, there will probably be a few last minute surprises as well.

I find it awkward to write an update for you now, while so many of you are intensely concerned over or even involved in the current events. Yet it is not possible to stay silent on this matter. I write this from the Netherlands, a country that might seem idyllic in this respect when compared to the U.S. Yet tension is rising between ethnic groups here too, and police violence is not unheard of. What happens in America, is very much on people’s minds here, and influences the society I live in as well. In an intimately connected world, events and ideas travel fast – and a heartbreaking video of a man dying with his daughter in the back of the car causes shockwaves that ripple across the Atlantic.

If anything, the events of the past week again demonstrate the urgency and importance of subversion – of questioning fixed narratives, which is exactly what Gods and Radicals is trying to do. If anything will move humanity forward, bold and uncomfortable questions need to be raised and answered. We can no longer shield our lives from the winds of change, and things might get worse before they get better.

On better and other things…

Many Pagan communities have spoken out to condemn racism and to promote inclusivity. Inclusive Wicca, a resource for inclusive covens of witches and Wiccans, released a statement with the title “We Reject Racism” in the aftermath of the U.K. vote to leave the European Union: “We call upon all people of good will to stand up to racism and fascism wherever they are encountered, and to defend victims of harassment and attacks, and pledge to do this ourselves.”

Dun Brython, a community of Brythonic polytheists also released a statement on inclusivity: “By standing with other pagan groups promoting inclusivity and standing against discrimination and hatred we aim to help create a more tolerant world.

from "Harnessing the Wind" by Deon Reynolds
from “Harnessing the Wind” by Deon Reynolds

Photographer Deon Reynolds recently donated his portfolio “Harnessing the Wind” to the Nevada Museum of Art, Center for Art and Environment. Reynolds: I want to open viewers’ eyes to the importance of renewable energy, how beautiful it can be and make a positive difference in how people respond to new sources of energy generation.

Thoughts, images and words can all inspire action – and action creates our world. The next great revolution of mankind will necessarily be a spiritual revolution, with very material consequences, for good or bad. Be safe this week – and be fierce when you have to be.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: July 10

  1. Small correction: I’ll be doing the next installment in 23 Things this week, since I didn’t get it out last week. “Privilege Decoded” will be Wednesday next week.


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