Weekly Update: July 24

We are happy to say that after some unfortunate delays, about 90% of the A Beautiful Resistance #2 orders have shipped. If you are in Canada, or were one of the contributing writers, your copy will be shipping soon. Thanks again for your patience! We are so happy to see this journal off into the world. If you have ordered it but have not received your copy by the end of July, please let us know in the first week of August so we can troubleshoot any problems.

And if you have not yet ordered your copy, it isn’t too late. Get yours here.

Coming This Week

Another strong week is in store. The week begins with poetry from Lorna Smithers and Simcha Ben-Sefis. Mid-week will see Sable Aradia continuing her series on 23 Things about capitalism, along with another episode of the Crafted Recordings Podcast: the Origin of Dr Bones. The end of the week will see Yvonne Aburrow with “The Pragmatic Revolution.”


  • Dreams in Brythonic Tradition, by Lorna Smithers
    “Our secular society places little value on dreams aside from their psychoanalytical interpretation wherein they are reduced to symptoms of neurosis or symbolic aspects of the human psyche. The belief we receive messages from the otherworld in dreams is, at best, considered eccentric and, at worst, derided as madness.”
  • What Do Your Deeds Make You? by Karl E.H. Seigfried
    “Some Heathens insist that they are only interested in their own innangarð, focusing exclusively on the “inner yard” of their closest family and friends. As in the distant past, today the outside world forces itself into the inner one. Family members who are part of the LGBTQ+ community are targeted for hate crimes by both Islamic extremists and those whose personal issues lead them to strike out in extreme acts of public violence. Our Black loved ones are disproportionately targeted by police officers who break their own rules of conduct. Right-acting police officers in our communities are gunned down, and their killers – in both Dallas and Baton Rouge – are damaged veterans of our nation’s military. If we turn our backs on the world and pretend that nothing affects us or those we love, honoring the deeds of our literal and aspirational ancestors while performing blót and symbel, how are we different from Sunday Christians who only turn their thoughts to Christ while sitting in church pews?”
  • Neoliberalism is a Political Project, by David Harvey
    “I think it’s possible that you can make a better capitalism than that which currently exists. But not by much. The fundamental problems are actually so deep right now that there is no way that we are going to go anywhere without a very strong anticapitalist movement. So I would want to put things in anticapitalist terms rather than putting them in anti-neoliberal terms. And I think the danger is, when I listen to people talking about anti-neoliberalism, that there is no sense that capitalism is itself, in whatever form, a problem. Most anti-neoliberalism fails to deal with the macro-problems of endless compound growth — ecological, political, and economic problems. So I would rather be talking about anticapitalism than anti-neoliberalism.”

Revolution & Counter-Revolution Politics Under Capitalism

Given the main political party conventions in America, Rhyd Wildermuth’s series on Liberal Democracy is a must-read, a series I regard as among the most important analyses he has yet written, particularly for their timeliness. Thus far there have been 4 parts:

This series brings the party conventions in the US in a new light. Both parties are inherently counter-revolutionary in the sense that they serve Capital, actively seeking to reproduce its power structures. For the Democrats, WikiLeaks has shown us that the primary/caucus process was rigged from the beginning, with the primary goal of the DNC to be to hold on to their power, preventing a populist candidate openly speaking of a political revolution from achieving the Democratic nomination. For the Republican convention, it was little more than a spectacle of fascism, scoring as such on nearly all counts.

Meanwhile, how different people and organizations interact with these political processes under capitalism is telling. As we saw in I’m With The Banned, a very important article that shows how people — usually right wing white males — can usurp the political process in America by saying outrageous & controversial things merely for their own attention (or marketing) to capitalize upon. In a sense, this is an instance of the capitalist accumulation of the political process itself.

And yet, here at Gods & Radicals, we have both theoretically and legally rejected capitalism with our status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As a result, we are not legally permitted to endorse or show favoritism or even an authentic opinion toward any one candidate.

It’s quite a contrast, wouldn’t you say?

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