A Love Story At Three

What you say
Runs through my body for days
Which is why

May our mouths be curious to see you
Wrapping wet tongues around barbed wire
I guess I know how to proceed

Sometimes I’m angry
A-light but all right
Crying on the fire in my heart

I want to unpack the situation
Look the things like gifts in the mouth
I had a break

Lonely mountain forests
In deep snow, in your hand
My body

I’m nervous about grief
Why does my name sound unfamiliar to them?

I need to say that
Send that foulness back into rivers
Raging with our own
I could be a kind of me: so wash me clean

Tonight if you
Anyone else heard how you can inhabit other galaxies?

Like, I want to immigrate to that land of my body where I’m feeling love
The consequences will be in a while
Because it’s not to break my heart

Corona de rosas, cabeza rodeada
I wanted to burn something

Perhaps it was myself.

Fire is cleansing but I prefer water
In the word for a foreign river be your maps

(You know when you stay up real late worrying that you’re going to die before you can finish all the work you need to do?)

Ignore that stone in your heart
Take me in your mouth
Turn and turn again,

Be free.

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