Weekly Update August 7

This week, we’ll see articles from Sophia Burns, Rhyd Wildermuth, and another episode of Crafted Recording’s awesome Podcast series. Each episode is between 10 and 20 minutes long, and can be downloaded for later listening.

We just learned that our very own Dr. Bones has been named part of a dangerous new Communist insurgency. We’re quite proud of him!

At Patheos, Druid John Beckett contemplates an anti-authoritarian theme in “A Savior isn’t Coming”. And Yvonne Aburrow discusses Pagan hospitality as it relates to refugees.

Like fiction? Like witchcraft and gods? Like leftist politics? Then you’ll probably love T. Thorn Coyle’s latest free short stories.

And we always think Heathen Chinese is pretty brilliant. But his latest essay on violence, warriors, and gods is even more pretty brilliant. Go check it out.

Gods&Radicals is always looking for more retail distributors of our publications, and we’ll be announcing new retailers in France and Scotland soon. We’re also looking for a retailer interested in handling distribution within Canada on our behalf.

Interested? Contact us at Gods.and.Radicals@gmail.com with the word “Retail” in the subject line.

A Note on Anti-Muslim and Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

Terrorist attacks, immigration pressures, and sensationalized news stories from right-wing media have all contributed to white fear of the ‘other.’  As Liberal Democracies confront economic and political turmoil similar to the situations in Europe and North America in the early part of the 20th century, people have begun looking for scapegoats.

Before, it was the Jews. And while anti-Semitism hasn’t gone away, new enemies have been added to the political repertoire of the right-wing: Muslims and immigrants. Often, of course, these categories coincide: because many of the most war-torn and economically damaged countries currently happen to be in the Middle East and in Africa where Islam predominates, many displaced peoples are also Muslim.

We should be very worried.  But not worried about immigrants or Muslims, but about the political forces which are now eager to pin the problems capitalism has caused upon people who have already been victimized.

Occasionally, we’ll hear stories of large events which seem to prove that the scapegoat du jour is a danger to “our way of life.” On Sylvester (New Year’s Eve) in the German city of Köln, for instance, there were many reported attacks by immigrant men on women. These attacks led to calls by Far Right leaders (and even some polytheists and heathens) for armed bands of people to defend ‘our women’ [their words] from foreigners.

As noted by a German Feminist friend of mine, such attacks happen yearly in large German cities during New Year’s, and are perpetrated more by white German men than by immigrants:

“I don’t know many women who feel safe going out alone on Sylvester,” she said. “Men always grope women that night–but it’s usually German men, not immigrants…If anything, those attacks proved that immigrants are assimilating to European culture.”

The fact that no one was calling for armed bands to defend women from such attacks by German men and only called for such things when it was perpetrated by men with darker skin shows the true motives of such people.

We must be very wary of political attempts (and those disguised as apolitical religious critiques) to demonize an entire people. This has happened before, and concentration camps and mass graves stand as witness and warning from the realm of the Dead as to where this leads.

We stand in solidarity with immigrants, just as we stand in solidarity with all people displaced from their lands, demonized by politicians, and threatened with violence.  And we stand strongly against those who’d threaten them.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update August 7

  1. Here in Portland, Maine, Muslim immigrants are a big part of the community. I live next to Muslims, wait for the school bus with them, have dinner with them and go to weddings with them. When polytheist bloggers attack Muslim immigrants, they attack my neighbors. “An injury to one is an injury to all.”

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  2. What is being done to the Muslims can bounce back on us. Plus I tend to be suspicious when anyone starts telling me who I am supposed to hate and fear, or who I should trust and like.

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