Weekly Update: 28 August

With the increasing anti-Muslim and anti-Arab sentiment in Paganism, we were deeply thrilled to see this beautifully written contemplation from Helio Pires regarding Polytheism and anti-refugee sentiment:

“The idea that you need to stop Arab refugees from entering the continent so as to preserve European indigenous culture and population is something that can only come from an ignorant bigot or someone who’s simply not aware of the history of other countries.”

Earlier this week, we mentioned the Asatru Fellowship Assembly’s racist and essentialist statement. Heathen groups were very quick to denounce them (though some polytheists unfortunately defended them). Here’s HUAR’s statement, and also The Troth’s.

And if you’d like a suggestion on how to respond to anti-gay, anti-urban AFA bigots, try Rhyd Wildermuth’s strategy:



European ‘secularists’ have been forcing women to remove their clothing on beaches in France. We recently saw this helpful graphic to understand what’s going on:


Ever thought of blocking coal trains with tripods?

They’re still killing wolves to protect the profit of ranchers.

Here’s some excellent academic theories on constructed religious authority in the ancient world (requires free account for access).

And Gods&Radicals writer and charming druid Jonathan Woolley was selected to receive this year’s OBOD Mt. Haemus Scholarship!

Coming up this week, John Halstead, Syren Nagakyrie, Rhyd Wildermuth, Crafted Recordings Podcast #10 (“Speeches from the Astral”), and the call for submissions for the next A Beautiful Resistance!



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