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Collection: Heathenry

This is a new occasional series from Gods&Radicals where we’ll compile links to essays about specific topics for readers.

These will also be available as permanent pages and will be updated when new articles become available!

Articles on Heathenry, Asatru, or related topics from Heathen perspectives

Ruth Morong

  • Heathen Family Values: Many would argue that the highest ethic in Heathenism is to defend and bring honor to the family/tribe. But what does it mean to bring honor to the family?

Sophia Fate-Changer Martinez

Ryan Smith

  • The Call of the Vaettir: If we, as Heathens and animists, are to be true to our relationships with the world around us then we must take whatever steps are most necessary and effective to heal the wounds so many thoughtless actions have inflicted.
  • Heathenry and Democracy: Heathenry and Paganism stands at a crossroad in our history and development, and this decision point hinges on the question of how we should organize and govern our communities.

Shane Burley

Ginger Drekisdottir

Crafted Recordings Podcast

Christopher Scott Thompson

  • Honor: “I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think It Means”
  • Shapeshifters: The Paganism of Identity and the Danger of Fascist Infiltration


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