Weekly Update: 11 September

Site & Publishing News

Gods&Radicals recently received verification that our application for tax-exempt status was approved, so not only are we a registered non-profit, but we also have gained 501c3 status.  All donations to us qualify as tax-deductions.

The open submissions period for the third issue of A Beautiful Resistance is under way. For information on how to submit, go here. Information about ordering will be released later this year. In addition, we have other exciting book projects soon to be announced. And we’ll soon be implementing a new online purchasing system for our publications, which will help us better track order.

Note to Canadian subscribers: we learned that many of our shipments were undelivered or marked undeliverable by the shipping company Purolator. They also refuse to deliver to P.O. Boxes.  We’re currently trying to find a way around these problems, and are seeking Canadian retailers who might be willing to handle distribution on our behalf. This will also help us reduce shipping costs (currently higher than for any other country we ship to).  Thank you for your patience, and if you are (or know of) a Canadian retailer interested in distribution, please contact us at Gods.and.radicals[at]gmail.com.

Coming up this week: essays from Yvonne Aburrow, Margaret Killjoy, Rhyd Wildermuth, a poem from Jah Egregius, and more!






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