Crafted Recordings Podcast Episode 11: Music & Magic with Oz Fritz

ozfritzquoteIn this episode, I spoke with recording engineer, music producer, and practitioner of Thelemic magic Oz Fritz. Oz has an extensive credit list in recording, having worked with Bill Laswell, Bernie Worrell, Tom Waits, Oysterhead, Primus, Hakim Bey, and many, many others.

We spoke about creating space in magic & music, consciousness, brain change, quantum physics, and quite a bit about recording and mixing music and audio.

All the music heard in this episode was recorded & mixed by Oz, and performed by Bernie Worrell, used with permission. Songs include:

Podcast recording produced by James Lindenschmidt. ©2016 Crafted Recordings. Some Rights Reserved (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

One thought on “Crafted Recordings Podcast Episode 11: Music & Magic with Oz Fritz

  1. I’ve always been very suspicious of Thelemic orders due to the founders explicit anti-Semitism and brief flirting with fascism and even failed courtship of the Nazis. It’s a shame as many defend the tradition with great quote and ethos of ‘Love is the only law’ however even their most sacred books carry their founders racism which directly contradicts this beautiful message. I know many Thelemic orders have successfully purged far right entryism into their order so I don’t want to tar the whole scene with the same brush so if there are any comrades in here which wish to attempt to ease my suspicion feel free.


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