Resistance is Beautiful

On 1 November, Gods&Radicals will be a year-and-a-half old!  Thanks to everyone who’s read and supported us from the beginning, and hello to all of our many new readers!

There are a few updates we’d like to give you as we do the work to manifest the sort of world we’d like to see.


pagan-anarchism-headerOn November 15th, our fourth publication (and first book!) will be born into the world: Pagan Anarchism, by Christopher Scott Thompson.

Want to get a reduced-cost copy? You can pre-order a copy now (until 31 October), or even sponsor the book (until 20 October).  After that, it will be available at its regular price through our website and retailers.

Want a review copy? Contact us at with a note telling us who you are and where you write!

Information on solidarity copies for low-income and activist folks will be announced on 15 November


The next issue of A Beautiful Resistance will be published 1 February. There’s still time to submit work for the next issue–in fact, we’re extending the deadline to 15 November, 2016. Information on how to submit is here.


Gods&Radicals is a non-profit anti-capitalist publisher, so we rely on donations from reader to do our work. Currently, site-writers are unpaid, but at the beginning of next year, we’ll be changing that…with your help!

On 1 November, we’ll be asking for your help to raise funds to pay our writers, and in return, we’ll be offering some awesome perks. Look for more information on that soon!


We’re spreading!  Besides our site, there are other places to find us.

You probably already know about our facebook page and twitter. We also post through Tumblr. But did you know we’re also on Instagram? And we have a mailing list.

Also, we’re always interested in more writers! For more information on how to write with us, see this page.

Be well!!!




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