Never Mind The Ballots!!! (weekly update)

Pagan Anarchism Update

Pagan Anarchism has gone to the printers! We’re really, really happy with the way it turned out, and excited for it to get in your hands.

The delivery estimate for pre-sale copies is as follows:

  • US, UK: November 15th-25th
  • EU, CANADA: November 18-27
  • Australia: November 20-30th

Digital editions of Pagan Anarchism will be available 18 November.

Primary sale has also begun. As shipping will become busy with holidays, we recommend ordering by 1 December if you’d like it by Northern Winter Solstice.

A Beautiful Resistance #3

As mentioned earlier, we extended the deadline for submissions for the third issue of A Beautiful Resistance. It’s now 15 November.

Interesting writing elsewhere

From ROAR Magazine, a great discussion on the need for physical (rather than theoretical) alternatives to Capitalism and Fascism:

The rise of the far right across Europe and the United States is deeply linked to the failure of the left to provide realistic and convincing alternatives to the present system. With nowhere else to turn, members of declining or stagnant classes are easy prey for fascist movements that prey on prevalent feelings of resentment and fear. Unless we build real alternatives to the present system, we will continue to lose ground to the far right.

From The Baffler, an essay on how ‘activism’ and ‘social justice warfare’ have come to eclipse organising physical networks:

A century ago, the idea of activism was born of a philosopher—Eucken—who preferred the mystical to the material, and that preference still lingers on today, for many still believe that action, even when disconnected from any coherent strategy, can magically lead to a kind of societal awakening. Social justice warfare, in turn, emerged from some of the Internet’s more unsavory recesses as an insult concocted to belittle those who take issue with bigotry. But vitriol aside, the term betrays a faith that unites social justice warriors and their critics (a faith, to be clear, that is all too common today): that arguing with and attacking strangers online is a form of political engagement as significant as planning a picket or a boycott once was.

Jacobin asks the question: has the Democratic party co-opted Feminism?

Time Magazine (of all places!) has a story on Anarchist and Communist-led refugee support networks. And from the Daily Mail (ugh) awhile ago, a story about how anarchists smuggled a Syrian refugee into the UK…on a plane.

Can’t get to Standing Rock? There are many, many other pipelines also currently being built, and other sites of the DAPL to blockade as well!

Help Us Pay Our Writers!

solidarityWe have just begun our fundraising for the year, with our primary goal to secure enough donations to pay our site writers. Can you help us?

Here’s the Rest of Your Life…

What’s an anarchist to do when everyone’s gone election-crazy?

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